APK Instas

We are all aware of the many, many Instagram accounts going around APK, as you may have ended up on one. Although we have no idea who runs these accounts, we are all very curious why these anonymous students have decided to start these accounts.

The apk_ships account is one of the more popular ones. This account is known for choosing two students and “shipping” them or wanting them to be together. We asked the apk_ships account why they decided to make this account, and they replied saying, “I made this page because I was bored and I saw one for another school that wasn’t doing too well so I decided to try it out.” The apk_ships account has over 200 followers, although the account may have declined due to losing popularity over other Apopka accounts. However, we did ask the apk_ships account how well they thought the account was going to do. They replied saying, “When I first made the page I was surprised on how many followers I got within the first couple days. I did start it when the Apopka school accounts were trending so I’m sure that helped. It’s obviously not as popular now, but I think it still makes people laugh, which is good.” It’s exciting knowing that one of the main goals of this account was to bring joy to the school, especially in a time during Covid, many students may be looking for something that will make them laugh, and these accounts will surely do it, especially when you see your friends come up on them!

The apk_shoes account and the apk.badposture pages both set up their accounts out of boredom. When apk.badposture said, “I made this page because I was bored,” and apk_shoes setting up their account “for fun.” When asked if the accounts will continue their pages or pass on the account, the apk_shoes plans to “stop” and “not pass it on.” The apk.badposture account agrees and plans to “deactivate it when I graduate.” However, the apksmexyfemales and badparkingapk both say they “don’t know” how long they will keep the accounts running. Badparkingapk says “that’s a work in progress.” The ahssmexypeople account does actually plan to pass down their account, saying, “I do hope to keep this page up and soon pass it down.” We would all love to see these accounts continue as they provide plenty of laughs.

The “smexy” accounts are also iconic accounts here at AHS. When we asked the ahssmexypeople account why they made their account they said, “I started this page on December 1, 2021. It was originally made to make people laugh or even to give them some more self confidence about themselves, since before I started this page there was a couple of friends including myself that tried to send their photo to other smexy accounts and they will never respond to them and that made them felt as if they weren’t good enough to be on a these pages. I hate seeing my friends upset. So this page is here to welcome everyone and everybody. And also for people to hype up your friends or maybe send an embarrassing picture to make them and other people laugh (but if they don’t want the picture up there I will immediately delete it).” These accounts can provide some self confidence, when you see yourself on the account pages, being considered “smexy,” has to be an extreme confidence booster. The inspiration for the ahssmexypeople is none other than “@ahssmexymales @apknaps and @apksmexyfemales. I truly adore these pages and it made me feel truly happy to make a page of my own.” The ahssmexymales account started their page “as a joke really I thought it be funny and everyone could post funny stuff but also show off how smexy they are.” Of course, we show how “smexy” the males here at APK can be, but females can be “smexy” too. The apksemxyfemales made their account to “hype some girls up at apk.”

Of course, privacy is valued here in The Blue and White. So when we asked these APK accounts if they keep themselves anonymous or if many people know they run these accounts. The apk.maskundernose account said “I keep myself anonymous.” Most of these accounts remain anonymous or very few people know, like the badparkingapk account saying, “yeah most of my friends know.” However, the ahssmexypeople account said this to the question, “This page was originally started by one person ( which is me) but now it is with a small group of students. We plan on keeping our identity anonymous and if the page is passed down hopefully the new owner/owners would like to stay anonymous.” This is interesting because many of these accounts are run by one person, it is fascinating to see a group make something like this.

Note: The Blue and White reached out to the following APK accounts but did not receive a response: @Apk_hairstyles, @apknaps, @apk.feet, @apk_gremlin.