The Eternals

*WARNING: Spoilers :)*

The Eternals have made it to the big screen. The new Marvel movie, The Eternals, has recently been released! Many Marvel fans were excited about this release, including Sophomore Yoleth Soto. When asking Yoleth what she thought of the movie she responded, “Overall, I think the movie was great, some of my favorite scenes were when they were fighting and the twist that happened at the end.” Yoleth rated the movie a good “9 out of 10”, of course that is expected when we are talking about Marvel movies. Personally, I thought the movie was great, there were plenty of twists throughout the film that kept you on the edge of your seat.

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How does this film fit in with the Marvel universe? Well the film makes plenty of references to the other Avengers and Thanos. Plus, the main characters have superpowers like other characters in the Marvel universe perfectly fitting them into the Marvel universe. When asking Yoleth if she thought it fit she responded saying, “I believe it fits because it explains why they didn’t act when Thanos appeared.” The film fits them in perfectly, though, we may have some questions that have been unanswered.

One of the big questions that is in most individuals’ minds when they watch the film is, ‘What happens next?’ After seeing Thanos’ brother appear at the end offering help, we begin to question what is going to happen. On top of that Sersis’, mortal boyfriend seems to have some hero history to him, so who is he going to become? What hero are we going to see appear next? A good question to think about regarding the film, is what Yoleth was questioning herself. Yoleth said, “Some things that left me questioning was when Thanos’ brother appeared and had me wondering where he was when Thanos was around.” This is good to think about after the film to keep you involved and pondering.

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The Eternals are expected to return as shown at the end of the film. I would definitely recommend this film to other Marvel fans. If you were to watch this film without the background information provided in past Marvel films you would be very thoroughly confused when watching this one. Other than that, the cinematography was beautiful in the film, everything from the cool superhero outfits to the incredible sets and landscapes in the film.