AHS Strikes Again!

The Bowling Team for both boys and girls are on a winning streak! Both teams have just won their District Championship and are fighting for their state championship win. Some of the top bowlers in the tournament from the boys team were, juniors Malek Mayor and Richard Curuso. The top bowlers from the girls team in the tournament were Kenna Hancock and Junior Alexiya Sapone. When we asked Alexiya how she felt about being named top bowler in the tournament, she responded saying, “I’m actually proud of myself for that. I wouldn’t have ever guessed I’d be top bowler.” Although Alexiya was “high up there” with her scores she mentioned “there were a lot of really good bowlers, so to be top bowler and just being in 1st makes me so proud of myself.” The records of the Girls Team from the district tournament was 9-1 and the scores from the Boys Tournament were a solid 10-0 according to Coach Jenkins, one of the Bowling Coaches.

Top bowler Alexiya Sapone

With a winning streak like this comes many challenges. When asking Coach Jenkins what one of the biggest challenges are he responded saying “keeping the athletes healthy.” Health is important during any sport, even harder to manage during a pandemic such as COVID. When asking what encouragement Alexiya provides for her team, she said, “Normally at games we have our huddle and chants, but during the game, I’ll scream and cheer if they strike or spare.” She still encourages her team even if it’s a “bad ball.” She still tells her teammates “they can do this.” Coach Jenkins provides his encouragement by “encouraging them to get better everyday.” He also mentioned “bowling is a sport where you must be consistent with your scores. So, your approach must be the same each day to develop a routine.” 

What are some achievements the bowling teams have made? Well for starters, both teams got the opportunity to make it to district and state championships. Alexiya feels her greatest achievement is “finishing off districts with my team in 1st and 1st for individuals.”According to Alexiya the girls team district championship “was close but we did what we could do and it was just enough to become district champs.”  Alexiya also feels she has created a “bond with the team now.” Another huge achievement for the girls team is that this is the “first time the girls won districts since 2006” says Coach Jenkins. “Nobody expected them to make it,” Coach Jenkins adds. That is the incredible girls bowling team, the boys team however smashed their district championship and ended states in 4th place. In states the boys had lost but made it into the losers bracket. After winning the losers bracket, that placed them in the top 4. Plenty of achievements are being made for our bowling teams, this being one of their best seasons for both teams. Top bowlers on both the girls and boys teams are juniors, meaning we can expect next season to be even better!

Girls teams at districts
Boys team at districts