Cross Country Accepts the Challenge

“Our athletes are improving their times,” says Coach Fowler, five year coach of the Apopka High School Cross Country team. This team may have challenges but there are plenty of achievements being made that will gain us that great win. Since, we are only about half way through the season, wins are to be expected from this achieving team.

Not only are our cross country athletes improving their times, but there are also more of them participating this year. “I have not had this many students/athletes on my cross-country roster before,” states Coach Fowler. This allows for “a more team feeling” and an “increase in the number of participants.” Isabel Garden, a Junior here at APK and a new Cross Country runnerfinds the biggest challenge being “trying to pass your partner while running.” Achievements are being accomplished, but goals need to be conquered. When asking Coach Fowler what his goals are for the team this season he responded with, “On an individual note, I’d like for my number one runner on the boys team to qualify for the state meet” he also wants “the boys‘ and girls‘ teams to advance to the regional meet (at a minimum).” Finally, his goal for all of his team members is “for all my athletes to improve their best times by 30 to 60 seconds.” Isabel, who also has goals for herself, feels the same as her goal this season is to hit her “Personal Goal.”

Encouraging our Cross Country team is extremely important here, and Coach Fowler aims to keep this spirit by giving his motivation to the team by “encouraging them to believe in themselves and trust their training.” He also ties what they are able to run in a “mathematical sense” to their “training leading up to the competition.” Isabel says the team does “a little cheer before/after practicing and at the meets.” Motivation is key to a good team, with all the motivation our team is given, aims are high. Where did this motivation come from? Inspiration. When asking Isabel what inspired her to do cross country she said “I was inspired by many other people who were also involved in cross country.(My dad,Grandma). They have helped a lot throughout the years to get to where I am and appreciate everything they’ve done.” Since this is Isabel’s first year running cross country we wish her the best of luck. With motivationinspiration and challenges this cross country season is not going to be easy, but with the big achievements being made a triumph will soon take place.

Schedule for Cross Country this season