College With Carson Mays

With graduation around the corner, many Seniors are looking towards college and their futures. With that being said, The Blue and White has decided to interview one of our own staff members to tell us about his plans for future college life, Senior Carson Mays.

What colleges have you been accepted into? 

I have been accepted into University of Central Florida, The University of South Florida, and Florida A&M.

Is there a certain college you are looking to attend?

Not really, I don’t have anything in particular. I’m just looking for the college that offers me the best scholarship, where I see best fits what I need to do.

What are you looking to study in college?

I am looking to go into physical therapy, so I’ll just find a major that puts me on that track, since that’s what I want to be when I grow up.

What are some things you like doing outside of school?

I like hanging out with my friends, working out, watching sports, and playing sports.

Is there anything you look forward to after graduation?

Not really, I guess just getting the college experience, going to football games, getting out of high school, living outside of my house for once, and not having to deal with my parents.

What are your plans for the break?

Hang out with friends and enjoy the holidays. Eat a lot of food, we will probably do a small trip sometime during those two weeks and also enjoy the new year.