In Memory of Betty White

Courtesy of Page Six

We have lost a queen. No, not Queen Elizabeth, our queen in entertainment, Betty White. Sadly, she passed December 31, 2021, just 18 days before her 100th birthday. Betty White’s death had a huge impact on the world, as shown on social media when everyone ran to share how they felt about her passing. Kaylen Snovak, a freshman here at Apopka High School, said she “felt sad” when hearing about Betty White’s passing, also sharing Betty White was her “favorite actress.” I’m sure many people expressed similar feelings when hearing about the stars passing.

We may have lost Betty White, but she will forever be remembered as a legend, and her spirit will live on. We can remember her through her movies and shows. Of course The Golden Girls is definitely one of her most famous works, however she also had worked in plenty of other shows, including her own, The Betty White Show. She also made plenty of appearances in other films and shows. When asking Kaylen what her favorite Betty White appearance was, she answered, “My favorite moments were when she was in The Golden Girls because her character was always really funny.” Betty White is known for her incredible humor as shown in all of her roles. She provided comic relief in her roles and brought light in dark places. Betty White will certainly be missed.

Courtsey of Britannica

Not only will Betty White be remembered for her humor, but she is also known for the incredible breakthroughs she made during her time. She became “controversial” when she refused to remove an African American dancer on her show. Betty White showed love to everyone and worked hard to make it to where she was. When asking Kaylen what her favorite quote from Betty White was, she said, “I don’t care who anyone sleeps with… mind your own business.” This quote really shows Betty Whites comedy and her respect for the privacy of others. Betty White had a high respect for everyone as shown in her interviews and clips.

Rest In Peace Betty White.