Apopka’s Secret Quests

Do you enjoy roleplaying and fantasies? Well, you should check out the Dungeons and Dragons club! Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is a game made back in 1974, where players come together and roleplay many different stories and adventures, putting their fate in the dice and working together to fight. The D&D club here at Apopka High School began this year, the president of the club being Carlos Thomas and the sponsor teacher being Ms. Lewis. When asked how the club started, Ms. Lewis responded, “I had a student in my film class last year who wanted me to sponsor, and I was like sure.” The club starting up resulted in a “chain reaction” in teachers down Ms. Lewis’ hallway. Many were excited for this club to begin.

One of the many books required to play D&D

There are many engaging and enjoyable things about this club. Carlos Thomas, a founder and Dungeon Master of the club, spoke on the entertaining aspects of the club, saying, “We have a lot of supportive members who all come together with a similar interest, and it’s amazing to see how many different people are actually interested in D&D.” Additionally there are oppurtunities for creativity, like the ability to create your character. When The Blue & White asked Carlos about his character in D&D, he responded, saying, “My character is a Half-Elf bard named Mateo.” Carlos admitted “He was my second D&D character ever” and “holds a special place in my heart.” These characters, as shown, can even become a part of you. Once characters are set, there is an adventure waiting for the players. There are many different quests such as the main quest, but “it’s often quite fun to get into mischief and do the side quest” says Carlos. Being in D&D gives you the chance to “adventure through the fantasy world” and find interesting “easter eggs and funny quips,” which are some of the fun factors according to Carlos.

Picture of D&D President Carlos Thomas

Interested in joining? Well, the club is recommended to everyone! “We don’t judge people and we are open to new and experienced players,” mentions Carlos. The D&D club allows you to bring out your inner fantasy and to “see if you’re actually into it,” says Carlos. This is a “club of interest,” and it “truly isn’t for everyone.” However, it is incredible to see people “come out of their shells and enjoy the experience” while being in the D&D club. “Grab a character sheet, join a campaign, and roll initiative” encourages Carlos!