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Martine Joseph is a senior at Apopka High School. This is her first year on The Blue and White staff, and she is eager to let the whole school know of her new takes on various topics. To her close friends who are cursed by her existence, she is an energetic, down-to-earth, funny teen of Haitian descent that shines a light on all the gloom of life. She is also the self-proclaimed wife of all the South Korean boy band BTS members, which many think is debatable.

Are you involved in any extracurriculars and if so, what are they? 

Okay, so I am involved in extracurriculars but honestly, after COVID it’s kind of like a weird area. I am in the French Honors Society, National Honors Society, and before it was gone, Korean Culture Club

What are your plans after high school?

I plan on graduating with my AA degree from Valencia. After that, I want to go to UF and major in Political Science and minor in either Journalism or International Relations. Then it’s either graduate school or law school. Then, you know? Time to bother CNN to become a correspondent. 

What’s the music Martine listens to? 

So I listen to BTS (loud purrs).

I listen to a lot of Kpop but I also listen to a lot of Krnb artists like Crush, Dean, Loco. I also listen to RnB artists like Brent Faiyaz, Steve Lacy, a bunch of other people like Mitski and Still Woozy. I also listen to French artists like Angele. I just listen to a lot of different music; I am very diverse in my music taste.

Since school has started in person for the majority of students in Florida, is there anything that you notice that seems off or weird?

Honestly, I feel like it’s hard since I haven't been a genuine student in a long time. Being in the classroom after not being in the classroom for 2 years, it feels weird sitting down, sometimes I feel like I can’t focus. Sometimes I just feel awkward and it’s just getting back into the swing of things that I need to work on. 

Gen Z is filled with a bunch of young adults with diverse views and beliefs so can you tell me some core values that you go by?

Since I feel like I am a person that is very well versed in politics, my core values are obviously equality. I mean, who doesn’t believe in that? I also feel like since I am a child of immigrants, immigration is very important to me and taking in refugees from other countries. I feel like I am an activist and I really believe in BLM protests, the Stop Asian Hate protests, and Free Palestine efforts. I also believe in yall getting your juices!! Yall need to get vaccinated because I am tired of COVID.

College Apps are upon us and we are dawning the age of adulting in our lives do you have any anxiety regarding this?

YES! YES! Every single day I think about the fact that I have to start writing college apps, start writing my essays, and that I need to start getting ready for college. I start to plunge into this deep hole of depressing thoughts. Sometimes I just feel like I don’t know if I can do this but I have my friends with me so it will be a little bit bearable. 

So I see that you’re involved in school, how do you do all of that with dual enrollment, high school classes, and somehow having time to chill? 

To be honest with you, I don’t know how I balance it. I feel like most of it is procrastination so I don’t really do my work but I do my work. I force myself to do it. I don’t know, I feel like I am a messy organized person because I don’t really balance it and I have mental breakdowns over it every single day but I do what I can (loud laughter). 

Do you have any dreams and ambitions that you wished you could’ve pursued in your 4 years of high school?

Yeah, I feel like all of us just wish that we could’ve had more of a sophomore and junior year. Sophomore year was basically over, but Junior year I was gonna go to homecoming, I was gonna do all these things with my friends and just go out and have fun and be involved in school but because of COVID it wasn’t really possible.  I am trying to make the best out of this school year. 

After high school and college, if you could decide to stay in Florida, would you? Or would you move away? 

As soon as I graduate I am not coming back to this state until I am an old lady that needs to retire. As soon as I graduate I am moving somewhere up North or maybe out of the country and I’ll live there for a long time and meet the love of my life and prance around in a flower field with them. I am just tired of living here. There are so many old people, it’s so hot, and people don’t come here when they go on tours. Florida is just boring and even though I was fortunate to live in Orlando. I still hate it here. 


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