Dear Teachers, Thank You!

It has been a tough couple of years for both students and teachers. Teachers have stayed strong for students and have tried their best to create safe spaces in their classrooms despite the copious amounts of stress put on their backs. They are meant to do multiple jobs all at once while making a fraction of what they are worth. Amidst all this stress, The Blue and White wanted to give our Apopka Blue Darters a chance to say “thank you” to some of our many Darters who do it all.

Mrs. Agard 

Harry Pennell 9th Grade – She is nice. She says good morning. She makes me feel tolerable. She is nice. She is cool.

Mrs. Ainsbury

Leah Fermin 10th Grade – I appreciate you as my chemistry teacher Mrs. Ainsbury. You helped me a lot this year. You are very nice and supportive of me and my classmates. And is always willing to help anyone who needs it when they get confused. Coming in late in the year is hard but you managed to help us all understand and do our best.

Ms. Barnett

Peter LoMonaco 11th Grade – Honestly, she’s probably one of the best English teacher’s at this school. Blunt, but can be caring. She’s honestly just really fun as well, never bored during her classes, and she teaches really good. For sure gonna visit her next year.

Karina Andino 11th Grade – I appreciate this teacher because she is one of the best. She makes every day fun. She makes my first period great. 

Mr. Blevins

Lex Wilson 9th Grade – Even though not everyone likes him, he is a great teacher and mentor, and I enjoy being around him.

Ms. Brown

Addison Hodge 9th Grade – She is a very kind person who goes above and beyond for her students. She puts lots of effort into making sure her students are happy and successful. 

Mr. Chabot

Olivia Horn 9th Grade – Mr. Chabot has really cool hobbies and that makes him extra cool. He’s also easy to talk to and I’ve enjoyed having conversations with him. I also appreciate him making my brief time in 4th period enjoyable and assigning fun projects. Thank you for being a great teacher.

Ms. Seagraves

Ramone Rutherford 9th Grade – Because she is a good teacher and knows how to teach.

Leo Price 9th Grade – Always a wonderful teacher and an even more wonderful person. Always happy to help and willing to be a listening ear or a supporting person. She’s the teacher who has made this rough year for me much more bearable, so I want her to be recognized 🙂

Nadia Sykes 9th Grade – She is very patient and nice! She really takes time to help the students. She also seems like she really loves what she does which is being an ELA teacher.

Karlayijah Rudolph 9th Grade – She’s a really good teacher and her lessons are fun and she’s very chill. 

Coach Washington 

Jahfari Green 9th Grade – I appreciate this teacher because of all of the cool opportunities allotted to us in the class, and for being a good teacher.

Heather Vesely 10th Grade – Coach always goes above and beyond in his digital video technology class. He buys us snacks with his own money and always tries to make all of us feel welcomed in his class. We learn a lot of useful information and you can tell that he is a genuine guy that cares about his student’s well beings. I strongly believe that he goes above and beyond most teachers since he creates meaningful connections with all of his students and cares about their success. 

Mariah Figueroa 9th Grade –  He is very supportive and his class is interactive.

Khanh Tran 11th Grade – Because he made my freshman year amazing! I was new to the school but he was very nice to me and introduced me to stuff that I wasn’t familiar with! 

Ms. Rash

Aniya Ross 11th Grade – She makes the classroom feel like a really safe and fun space without compromising how much we learn. She’s really kind and considerate of her students while also being able to give it to them straight when the time calls for it.

Mrs. Gunderman

Jordan Morrison 10th Grade – Mrs Gunderman was the best English teacher I ever had. I had her for 2 year and it was the best year of English.

Mr. Harris

Heather Sproston 9th Grade – You are one of the best teachers I have ever had, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t know what I am doing.

Natalie Davis 9th Grade – I appreciate this teacher because he has made Algebra 1 easier for me to understand.

Mr. Houvouras

Lily Messier 12th Grade – He makes all of his lessons super interesting. He is also one of the few teachers that I’ve had that I feel cares about me and what is going on in my life.

Mrs. Houvouras

Christian Martinez 12th Grade – She is smart and I know that if I ever need valuable advice I can go to her.

Mr. Russell

Ethan Dean 12th Grade – He’s a great teacher and an even better friend.

Andres Palmar 11th Grade – I appreciate his stories and the fact that he is always energetic and willing to teach through the worst of the worst.

Mr. Hutton

Matthew Touchet 9th Grade – He is a great teacher and his class is a lot of fun. He never fails to entertain us and he always makes fun assignments. Overall I really enjoy his class and he never hesitates to joke with us and have fun.

Ms. Coulthart

Samantha Nordblom 9th Grade – I appreciate Mrs. Coulthart because she is very kind, and she works hard to help her students learn. She is very relatable, and everyone loves her for that. I always look forward to going to her class every day. Keep being awesome Mrs. Coulthart!

Mr. Mellon

Amelia Friend 10th Grade – Mr. Mellon makes every one of his classes feel fun. He refreshes your day even if you started it bad.

Briana VonBargen 11th Grade – I appreciate Mr. Mellon because he’s always super open with his students and everyone knows that if they ever need anything they can go to him. He always finds a way to make class fun, even if the material isn’t the most entertaining, I never dread going to his class because I know it’ll be fun.

Ms. Gardiner

Emily Chavez 9th Grade – I appreciate this teacher because she has taught me writing skills and strategies and has been a nice, cheery teacher throughout the school year!

Callie Bartkin 11th Grade – I appreciate this teacher because she has taught me writing skills and strategies and has been a nice, cheery teacher throughout the school year!

Isabella Campana 11th Grade – Mrs. Gardiner is very patient and understanding. She puts forth the effort that students put in and is overall an extremely pleasant person to talk to outside of just lessons.

Brennan Bean 11th Grade – I appreciate her because she gives all the students the same learning experience, she interacts with her students as a whole and one on one. The way she teaches her AP lang class has provided me with knowledge no other language arts teacher has been able to help me understand. She takes our phones away at the beginning of class so that we won’t even have the option of being distracted. Additionally, she provides her students with an environment very similar to that of a college class which I believe is fit for a college-level course. Ms.Gardiner really examines her students’ work and even goes as far as talking to the student individually about what they should improve on. She also makes multiple videos for different problems students typically have in their essays and personalizes them for each student. Ms.Gardiner is very kind, speaks academically, and is one of the friendliest teachers I have ever had the luck of learning from.

Ms. Richard

Camiere 9th Grade – Because she’s an amazing teacher and influences me to be a better person.

Raelyn F. 10th Grade – I appreciate Ms. Richard because she wants the best for all her students and wants us all to succeed. She’s a real genuine teacher and she treats all her students as if they are her own kids.

J’Dyn Paige 9th Grade – Because her class is easy and she isn’t annoying.

Trinity Rolle 9th Grade – I appreciate her because she has helped me grow as a student.

McKayla Oliveira 9th Grade – She motivates us to do our best, and makes class fun.

Noah Haub 9th Grade – Because she understands me.

Jailynn Ramos 9th Grade – She knows how to teach, she makes time to interact with every student to make them comfortable in the class which also helps the learning environment, since everyone is comfortable everyone is intrigued in the class.

Mrs. Greene

Makijah S. 10th Grade – I appreciate Mrs. Greene because she is always there for her students. She also has the patience to help her students. She takes her time and is chill.

Chelsea Daniel 1oth Grade – While knowing when and where to be serious her class is like a breath of fresh air for the majority of her students. She is able to understand and validate our feelings while still holding us accountable which is hard to see these days at school.

Mrs. Shafer

Shanel Wray 9th Grade – She’s always hard on me but for the right reasons and in the right way. And she’s very comforting when needed.

Jahzara Howard 9th Grade – She has done so much for me and my class. She is sweet and is always there when you need her. I love Shafer so much and can’t wait to continue in chorus with her <3

Ink Palazzolo 9th Grade – She’s amazing and throughout the year she’s pushed us to be the best people we can be.

Abreanna Bell 9th Grade – I appreciate this teacher because she is very nice and helps us understand things we don’t get and she’s very funny:)

Mrs. Hough

Natalia Rodriguez 9th Grade – Because she is very helpful.

Ms. Thomas

Philippe Brillembourg 9th Grade –  Because she doesn’t annoy me.

Ms. Dantinor

Hannah Cribbs 9th Grade – I love Ms. D so much. Like I can’t even express it in words. She is not only super understanding, but she is really good at teaching, and it’s really easy to get along with her. She is really awesome.

Ms. Morris

Andrea Marens 9th Grade – She is fun and bubbly and fills the room with positive energy 🙂 & She also is very understanding and supportive of her students and takes care of everyone 🙂

Ms. Kelley

Shane Moody 9th Grade – She likes to build friendly relations with all her students, which leads to a more comfortable working environment. Everyone in her class loves her as a teacher, and we all think shes the best. She doesn’t give us a hard time if we’re a day late on our assignments, and she also doesn’t give us the hardest assignments either. I believe she is a wonderful teacher, and this is why I appreciate her.

Nyla Johnson 9th Grade – She’s so kind and understanding and takes the time to get to know her students.

Ms. Harris

Patrick Copely 9th Grade – funny.

Ms. Rhodes

JhaKiera Collington 10th Grade – A good teacher is the one who gives kids something to take home to think about besides homework, and Ms.Rhodes is exactly that kind of teacher. The dream begins with a teacher who believes in students, and who pushes and leads kids into the next stage. There is nothing more valuable than a few words of gratitude to show my appreciation. Wish this brings Ms.Rhodes a Happy Teacher Appreciation Day.

Dayanara Leyva 10th Grade – I appreciate this teacher because she always makes sure we learn in class and she makes sure we have enough time to do our work.

Mr. Peters

Skyler Comstock 12th Grade – Mr. Peters is quite literally always in a good mood. Even when people piss him off he rants for a minute and is back to being fine. Every day in class he makes me and my classmates laugh and is very passionate about what he teaches. I know I and many other students appreciate Peters very much.

Mr. Rivera

Bailey Ziemer 9th Grade – Although he is new to the school, Mr. Rivera is an amazing teacher! He is always there to support his students when they are having a hard day. Also, He is always there to help u get back on track with your work and helps us when we are struggling with a certain question or subject. He makes learning fun and I love his class so much! It’s a good way to end my day in his positive light!:))

Jodie Santiago 9th Grade – he cares for his students as they are his own kids

Jocelyn Venegas 9th Grade – He takes the time to get to know us not only as a student but as an individual person

Li’Anni Gonzalez 9th Grade – I appreciate this teacher because I can always go to him whenever I need something whether it’s personal or educational he is always there for me.

Ms. Jean Baptiste

Arianna Henderson 9th Grade – Because she is nice, funny and the best coach ever.

Mr. Speakman

Addison Wesley 9th Grade – Because even though it’s the end of the year and he’s new he still came in with his best, so thank you 😀

Mr. Thomas

Kyra Ruiz 10th Grade – He has helped me during Geometry and tutoring which has helped me pass the class.