Celebrating Black History

The month of February is Black History Month, so we celebrate Black History from all over the world this month. At Apopka, several teachers have modified their curriculums to accommodate Black History and ensure that their students learn about Black advancements and involvement in our everyday lives. Teachers like the well-known and loved Art History connoisseur, Mr. Houvouras, diverged from the regular schedule and spent a week diving into the brilliant art of the Late Haitian-Puertorican artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

You’ve probably seen their tents set up in the courtyard and their announcements on Canvas– the Minority Leaders and Scholars (MLS) here at Apopka held a Black History Month Week with many festivities.

The Days:

President Johnny Simmons explained a little about each day to The Blue and White:

Monday MLS held slam poetry day which “was amazing to see the scholars set outside of their comfort zone.”

Tuesday MLS had an HBCU Legacy and Leadership day where “Bethune Cookman University, Florida Memorial University, and Florida Agricultural Mechanical educated our students about their admission process and life on campus.”

Wednesday MLS held their Third Annual Black Excellence showcase directed by Ms. Richard featuring Evans High School Drumline, Ocoee Step team, Jones Gospel Choir, Wheatley Gospel Choir, Wolf Lake Dance team, Poets from Wolf Lake performed as well, and our very own Carol sung a solo. (Special shoutout to Joshua Washington for keeping the crowd engaged, way to go, Josh!!)

Thursday MLS had to “Do It For The Culture Day,” which was directed by MLS Vice President, Micheala Moss who encouraged students to display their artwork.

Then to conclude Black Excellence Week, MLS held Darter Unity Day on Friday. Darter Unity day was a day to “see all of the students at Apopka come together to have fun during both lunch shifts.”

It was a very successful and exciting week in which many students took part. Johnny Simmons, President of MLS, told us about the whole inspiration behind creating this week. “My sophomore year I noticed that every culture has a celebration but nobody dared to take on the task of planning something for Black History Month so I got with the leadership team of MLS and we drafted a plan… Each year the Black Excellence week tops the last. I must say that this year was personal because it’s my senior year so I had to dig a little deeper! To see the impact that MLS made during Black Excellence is the greatest feeling in the world. I have had the honor and privilege to serve as President for three years.”

These are just a few of the people who have helped make Black History Month especially meaningful to the students here at Apopka.

Though the month is nearing an end, learning and appreciating Black Culture and History never stops. It’s year-round!

Happy Black History Month, everyone.