Soaring with Senior Class Council

School has resumed in person this year, and seniors are more than excited to finish off their high school careers with a somewhat “normal” school year. Though in this day and age, nothing is normal. We have several clubs and councils here at Apopka, like the Freshman Class Council, Junior, etc. The Blue and White decided to highlight the Senior Class Council this year and ask them about their future plans for the seniors of 2021-2022.

When asked if there were any events planned for the future, Ms. Modesto, the sponsor, told us, “Yes!”

02/10 – Senior Lip Synch

03/09 – Senior Big Picture

04/04-04/08 – Senior Week

04/08 – Grad Bash

Plus a few more that they are still working on.

This community plans to give all seniors a memorable last year that they could talk about for years to come. This year is no ordinary year for seniors, and those who graduated in 2020 and 2021 could not truly experience a “regular” senior year. Historian of Senior Class Council Katie Lee tells us,” We have many things planned.”

Being a senior has its perks like senior privilege, early release, being at the top of the food chain, etc. However, it also has its downfalls. Sponsor of The Science National Honor Society and Senior Class Council, Ms. Modesto, expresses her feelings about working closely with seniors, “It is hard, but I think it is better to have bonds with students than to not have the bonds. It makes the months more fun.” From a students’ point of view, SCC Secretary Skyla Abramson tells us, “I will miss being surrounded by everyone I’ve known for a long time and my teachers who guided me to where I am… I will miss that environment so much. It is very bittersweet.”

Officers: Left to Right Katie Lee, Jamiyah Jackson, Jennifer Cifuentes, Skyla Abramson, Kayla Harris

Katie Lee tells us that the SCC is, “A council full of very enthusiastic and passionate seniors. Everyone comes to meetings with amazing ideas and they are ready to make this the best senior year ever.”

Skyla Abramson told us that if she could have a senior quote it would be “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Follow the Senior Class Council page for constant updates on events happening.

Seniors, do not forget to pick up your Grad Bash forms from Ms. Modesto in room 541.

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