Varsity Volleyball Veterans

Martine Joseph, Staff Writer

Here at Apopka High School, we are well known for our outstanding football team, and many students fill bleachers to the brim to support their schools and show off their school spirit. However, many other sports here at Apopka are often overlooked like the cross country team, water polo team, and volleyball team. The girls’ varsity volleyball team here at Apopka have played 9 games in total so far, with a 4-5 win ratio; they continue to work hard this season as the future games run into October.

Making the varsity team of any sport is a huge accomplishment, and with that accomplishment comes great responsibility. This year’s girls varsity volleyball team is filled with many veterans who have been playing volleyball even before high school. Jada Robinson, a senior and libero on the team, recalls when she first made the team as a junior: “I felt excited and scared at the same time…The most overwhelming feeling is an accomplishment. I remember in middle school trying out for the team three times and never making it. But now I can tell myself that due to my hard work, I’ve been on the volleyball team 4 times now and 2 of those times have been on varsity.” 

Since her sophomore year, Lily Messier, a senior and varsity player, tells us her biggest supporters and motivating factors have been her parents. “My parents have been my biggest supporters in my volleyball career by far. My parents have made so many sacrifices, whether it be time or money, in order for me to play the sport that I love. My mom, especially, travels with me for club volleyball, which includes tournaments all over the state and out of state, too. My parents have always encouraged me to be hardworking and diligent in all I do, which has paid off. I am SO thankful for them.” 

Assistant Varsity Coach Cevallos has been working diligently this season and when asked what or who has been her biggest motivation to coach these past 2 years she responded by saying, “The players have been my biggest motivation. I love to see ALL kids succeed, it brings joy to my heart.” Her favorite thing about coaching here at Apopka is when she builds relationships with the players.

Playing a new sport can be intimidating at first, and trying out for the varsity team on any sport can be even scarier. Nevertheless, believing in yourself and not doubting your abilities will take you a long way. So, if you’re thinking about playing a sport here at Apopka, you should definitely give volleyball a try! Stepping out of your comfort zone and taking your fears to new heights will reveal to you a side of yourself you probably never knew existed. However, if there is anyone that can convince you, it is varsity Coach Cevallos. She says, “Never doubt yourself; if I can coach, anyone can play!”


So you don’t miss a game!

Sat 9/25 – 8:00 am –  Lake Mary / Away

Sat 9/25 – 10:00 am – Olympia / Away

Tues 9/28 7:00 pm – Freedom / Home

Wed 9/29 7:00 pm – Dr. Phillips / Away

Fri 10/1 – TBA

Sat 10/2 – TBA

Tue 10/5 – 6:00 pm – Evans / Away

Thu 10/7 – 7:00 pm – TBA / Away

Tue 10/12 – 7:00 pm – Boone / Away

Wed 10/13 – 7:00 pm – Timber Creek / Away