Push Me to the Edge, All Of Us Are Dead

Warning: Spoilers!

This show contains lots of gore violence and is intended for mature audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

There has been a trend for Korean Webtoon series to be turned into dramas. For example, the popular Korean webtoon True Beauty has been turned into a complete drama and the apocalyptic Sweet Home.

It is no surprise to anyone who watches Korean films that the Korean love for zombie/post-apocalyptic plots is rampant. The well-known zombie thriller, Train to Busan, starring the famous Gong Yo and the Joseon Dynasty original series Kingdom on Netflix. There are way more than those two, and all are phenomenal (my biased opinion).

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All Of Us Are Dead, or in its Korean translation, Our School Now, at first, glance seems like your regular run-of-the-mill zombie show just in the setting of a high school. However, it is far from that.

These zombies are not like the ones you see in The Walking Dead. If you have seen Train to Busan, that is exactly what to expect. If you have not, think of World War Z.

So the show begins with a very intense bullying scene of a scientist, Lee Byeong-chan’s son. It happens on a rooftop where the bullies punch his son and kick him around. Just as the bully was getting ready to release their final blow, something clicked into Byeong-chan’s son, something that felt like anger. Byeong-chan’s son lashes out, and his face begins to be covered in veins. He tries to “fight” the bullies, but they throw him off the rooftop, to which he survives the fall, obviously because he is a zombie.

The following scene is of Byeong-chan looking at his son in the hospital and killing him with a Bible after he fully transforms into a zombie. (Suspicous!)

We find out that Byeong-chan created the virus from the testosterone of a mouse because he wanted his son to fight back against the bullies, believing that if his son had more testosterone, he would “man up” and defend himself. Obviously, this was not the case and created a blood-thirsty individual.

Fast forward, Byeong-chan is a high school science teacher who has those very same mice in his lab hidden away; an inquisitive student goes into the lab and is bitten by one of the mice. Byeong-chan knocks the girl out and sedates her to stop the spread of the virus. That obviously fails, and the girl escapes and tells one of the teachers that she was drugged and abducted by Byeong-chan.

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That girl bites the nurse while she is being taken away to the hospital, the nurse bites a student while the girl in the hospital bites two doctors, and the chaos begins.

All Of Us Are Dead follows the perspective of several characters whom you either love or hate. You follow their journey and anxiously watch every minute wondering if they will live or perish like everyone else.

Cheong-san is the hero of it all who fought until the very end while protecting the one who he loved most.

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On-jo is a sweet girl who is well versed in survival and sometimes naive.

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Su-hyeok is the charismatic casanova who is caught in a love square between Cheong-san, Nam-ra, and On-jo.

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Nam-ra is the mysterious class President. She is not like the other girls (literally).

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Nayeon is a paranoid pushover.

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Gwi-Nam is Goku himself. He can not die.

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And many more…

We asked students here at Apopka what their favorite parts of the show were, and staff writer for The Blue and White, Janessa Monchery, told us, “My favorite scenes would have to be when everyone found out what Nayeon did to Gyeong-su, On-jo’s dad dying, Mrs. Park dying and Nam-ra trying to control herself.” While Senior Bella Ramos told us, “I liked the fact that they showed all the gore! There were little kids just running around and I also liked how they developed the relationships.”

The show ended on a cliffhanger, and many speculate a second season. A second season could be in the works with the show’s great popularity since the show was filmed back in 2019.

Out of those who watched the show, the average rating would be a 9/10.

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