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The Blue and White met with Elijah Nuebel (aka Eli) one of our staff members of the Blue and White and a Junior at Apopka high school. We reflected on how he faced multiple challenges and what doesn’t fail to uplift him.

 For me, I have to say anything dealing with sports [makes me lose track of time]...For a lot of people, it’s not interesting. But for me, I found a lot of different sports like hockey, soccer, football, baseball, etc. I'm always talking about sports and also racing.

Have you played hockey or football? No, I’ve played flag football but I never played hockey since we live in Florida. I also play on the lacrosse team at Apopka High school. I play defense, and I've been playing since I was in 8th grade. I never really heard of lacrosse before, since it isn't that popular, but I knew some people who played it so I started playing it in middle school, and I've enjoyed it. [I turn to ]social media or tv because a lot of those guys who used to play sports or the commentators talk a lot about stuff.


[I feel challenged] whenever I'm not doing well in a class or playing a sport. Usually, when that happens you have to figure out why you’re not doing well and I try to change what I'm doing so that means studying more or practicing outside of the practice you have to change what you’re doing so you'll get better.



 When people have positive energy[Im uplifted], they're always nice and always accepting anytime you talk to them they sound like they want you to talk to them. [They tend to] say stuff that makes you want to keep talking to them, unlike other people that make it seem like you’re bothering them. You want to be positive to other people, you know people are nice to you, you feel good you want to be nice to others.

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