Marching Along With Our Blue Darter Band

The Blue Darter Marching Band has been a staple on game days dating back decades ago. The Blue Darter Marching Band performs in our weekly pep rallies, our football games, as well as performing in parades and other events. The Marching Band is always able to energize the crowd and get the fans hyped up. The Marching Band is directed by Mr. Langford, who The Blue and White was able to interview for this article.

Members of the band during the halftime performance against West Orange, Courtesy of the Orlando Sentinel

Every week during the football season, the Blue Darter Marching Band performs in the morning pep rally, the pregame show, the halftime show, and of course throughout the football game. Mr. Langford states that in the pregame show, “we open with a fanfare, then we ‘spell Apopka,’ play our Alma Mater and the Orange Blossom Song, and lastly we bring the team out with our fight song followed by our National Anthem.” During the halftime show, our band plays the Rock and Roll classics of “We Didn’t Start The Fire,” “Piano Man,” “Rock & Roll All Nite,” “Any Way You Want It,” and “Open Arms.”

Mr. Langford’s favorite song is The Orange Blossom Song (“Where The Orange Blossoms Grow”). He was inspired by his mother, who would sing this song to him as a child. He wrote the tune so the band could play it, and after a few years passed it out to the band and the rest is history. The Orange Blossom Song is one that you likely recognize when the band plays it, however you may not know the song’s name.

Mr. Langford always tells his students about having an impact on the game. And recently at the Apopka @ Ocoee game on 11/02/2021, they did. As Mr. Langford tells it, “Band starts playing “Swag Surfin’”…. A song which lasts about 90 seconds. During the song the defense intercepted a pass, switched over to offense, and on the first play from scrimmage the running back took the ball 85 yards to the house. I LOVE BLUE DARTER FOOTBALL AND OUR BAND! This is what it is all about: Having a positive impact on the game and creating great energy to build up the environment. Go Big Blue!”

In preparation for moments like these, Mr. Langford has his 155 marching band members practice every Tuesday for two and a half hours. The band also runs through the songs for 30 minutes before the game. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and if our band isn’t perfect, well they must be pretty close.

At the time of this publication, our Blue Darter Marching Band received a Superior in their MPAs.