Going For The Goal

The season for girls soccer at Apopka High is starting up, with tryouts being held this week and practices starting soon after. The girls team is looking to rebound from a less than optimal 2020 season, where the varsity squad finished under .500 win percentage. This year’s squad will be lead again by Coach Perrine, who is going into her 4th season as head coach of girls soccer at Apopka High.

During tryouts, the coaching staff has to look for the 18-20 players to fill the varsity team, and an additional 18-20 players for their junior varsity squad. In tryouts, the coaching staff looks for “determination, hard work, foot skills, technical ability, tactical ability on the playing field,” as well as other specialized skills for each position. 

Courtesy of Apopka Soccer Instagram

At the culmination of last season, the girls squad lost 5 seniors. This shouldn’t affect the team so much this year, as there are currently 10 seniors, so the team has plenty of talent from upperclassmen to work with. Unfortunately for the younger players, this means that there aren’t as may openings on varsity this year.

To prepare for the upcoming season, the girls soccer team practices for one and a half to two hours each day. This season, Coach Perrine has set a goal of winning districts and having a winning season (over .500). This goal is certainly achievable, as Apopka hasn’t lost too much talent this season, and as last years team wasn’t too far below .500. While winning districts is never easy, with a lot of hard work and perseverance, combined with a little luck, anything can happen.

The girls soccer season opens with four straight home games, which will be crucial to win as the start of the season can have a great impact on team mentality. In this stretch, Apopka also plays its biggest rival, the Wekiva Mustangs. This matchup in particular has been dominated by Apopka, with a win streak dating back over a decade.

The full schedule for the 2021 season is as follows:

At the time of the publishing, the girls varsity and junior varsity rosters have been announced.


Taylor Adams
Madison Andretti
Layla Bandel
Madeline Barber
Staci Childs
Skyler Comstock
Emma Comacho
Mackenzie Meyerer
Taylor Rebert
Alexis Perrone
Payton Perrone
Alexia Prado
Taylor Sellers
Hannah DeClue
Hernika Fevrier
Anna Samuel
Riley Pedroty
Kiyla Richmond


Tamara Chavis
Jordan Perkins
Sydney Keck
Rachel Penney
Aniya Demps
Karina Mireles
Emily Cruz
Heidi Cruz
Deeanna Lopez
Carly Durand
Bria Parsons
Sienna Pencil
Emma Dowden
Yeleth Soto
Amadelis Villarroel
Juliana Zuniga
Isabella Novinich