No Feats, It’s T-Fab Beats

Very rarely do we get the opportunity to showcase local talent in The Blue and White. However, today, we have the chance to showcase an up-and-coming rapper who is a student at Apopka High. The artist in question is Sophomore Tyler Flammia, best known by his stage name, T-Fab. He has been rapping for over a year now, and in the time since, has caught the attention of many students here at Apopka High.

T-Fab, image from SoundCloud

As part of this article, we will look at some of T-Fab’s most popular songs and other recommended songs. Generally, T-Fab utilizes a mumble style of rap, with moderate use of autotune on his vocals. As such, the lyrics are not the determining factor in his songs, but rather how it sounds.

Explicit Content warning: These songs may contain vulgar language or sensitive topics.

The first song review is on “Valentine,” T-Fab’s newest song. Released on Valentine’s Day 2023, this song invokes emotions from the heart. T-Fab repeats “I think I’m falling in love,” several times in the song, expressing his emotions towards his Valentine.

Next up is “Life in a Ggutter.” This song utilizes heavy bass in the beat. In this song, T-Fab raps about his struggles. At the beginning of the song, he thanks his mother for everything she does for him. This song can be best summed up by the verse “…new man in the mirror, problems in the rear.”

T-Fab Rapping (the cover art for “park outside”)

The next song review is on “Park Outside.” This song focuses on T-Fab’s love, which he sings “I’m addicted to you, I cannot help it.” This song pulls on the heartstrings through its emotional language.

“Perfect” remix provides a change of pace compared to his typical style of music. T-Fab does a cover of Ed Sheeran’s popular song “Perfect.” While it does not attempt to replicate the style of Ed Sheeran, T-Fab is able to make the song into his own.

A fan-favorite song of his is “Fortnite.” He raps about his successes in the video game Fortnite. As the hook goes, “Fortnite, got 22 k*lls yeah you better pay the bills,” describes T-Fab’s successes in the game. The song artwork is T-Fab getting a win in Fortnite.

The final song reviewed is his most streamed, “Diamonds.” It has amassed over 1,000 streams on SoundCloud. While the song has a good beat to it, the specific lyrics in the song are difficult to understand. I would contend that while this song is his most streamed, it is not the best T-Fab has to offer.

Jack Carter (left) is pictured with T-Fab (right).

An avid T-Fab fan, Junior Jack Carter explains why he likes T-Fab, saying, “The rush of his intense beats followed by his slow, smooth vocals will attract any enjoyer of music. T-Fab’s signature line ‘dripped out crown’ which is used in every song he’s made is a fun little Easter egg to try to spot. Sometimes it is difficult because of the large amounts of autotune he uses on his newer songs.” His favorite song is “Bank,” but he explains that, “sadly it was removed from his SoundCloud…”

Readers are encouraged to listen to his music for themselves and spread positivity to our local talent.


You can listen to his music in the links below. Keep in mind his SoundCloud is the only platform on which all of his songs are published, however, it is blocked on school devices.

T-Fab’s YouTube

T-Fab’s SoundCloud