Classes for Underclassmen

Course registrations for the upcoming school year are upon us here at Apopka High. In the upcoming weeks, guidance counselors will be visiting 10th and 9th-grade English classes to give presentations and provide course registration forms.

The Blue and White was able to interview several juniors for their advice and recommendations for underclassmen about to pick their schedules for the upcoming school year.

Junior Franco De Oliveira says he is “looking forward to taking AP US Gov and Macroeconomics because I get to have two of my favorite teachers [Mr. Whitcomb and Mr. Russell]. I also want to because I will be more educated in the subjects to be able to converse with other bright people.” Currently, he says, “I enjoyed taking Medical Interventions and AP Capstone Seminar because they have a very good atmosphere. They also help my future career by helping me conduct research and learn how we can prevent diseases.”

Junior Jacob Davis says that he is looking forward to taking AP Macroeconomics next year and that currently, his favorite class is AP Art Studio. Junior Julian Alvarez says he is looking forward to taking Ceramics and Photography next year, and that Photography and US History are his two favorite classes that he is taking this year.

Junior Samuel Nuebel says, “I am looking forward to taking AP calculus BC and taking Debate again… I currently enjoy AP Calculus AB because it is nearly an hour a day of solving new types of math problems, different than any other math class I have taken.”

Other popular classes include JROTC, Yearbook, Robotics, and AP Psychology. For more elective recommendations, you can look at Shane’s article on recommended electives. With these recommendations in hand, students should discern what classes they find interesting, while also challenging themselves and preparing themselves for their plans after high school.

The juniors interviewed all shared some advice for underclassmen based on their experiences. Samuel thinks underclassmen should try challenging themselves, saying, “I advise underclassmen to take more AP/ dual enrollment classes than they are planning, because you don’t know your limits until you push them.” Similarly, Franco said “I feel like you should challenge yourself a bit and possibly take AP classes. But also find what classes actually interest you and could help you with your future. Make sure you pick what feels right for you.” However, Julian gave some precautionary advice, saying, “Don’t overwork yourself with AP classes, make sure to balance your schedule out, and do your homework because missing grades can add up quickly.”

24 Credit Graduation Requirements

While rising Seniors have already met with their counselors from January 23rd-30th, rising Juniors will meet with their counselors February 7th-14th, and rising Sophomores will meet with their counselors February 22nd-28th.

Important information regarding course registration can be found on the school’s website under the “Student Services” tab and it has all the information you need, including the curriculum guide and course progression flowcharts. If these resources don’t answer every question you may have, students can always ask their guidance counselors. It is important for students to be informed and prepared so that they can make sure their counselors know the classes they want to take next year, hopefully leading to an upcoming successful year.