Global Warming Crisis

2020 was the warmest average year recorded on Earth, and according to scientists, the Earth has been warming at a rate of .14 degrees Fahrenheit every decade since 1880. Climate experts estimate that around the year 2030 is when irreversible damage will occur.

Climate change is already causing problems, such as ice caps melting, desertification, acidification of the ocean, and increasing the frequency of major storms. Additionally, there will be problems of crop shortages, and water quality issues. All of these factors plus more have led to calls for urgent change. The solution, many feel, must come from the top.

So far, the most developed solution is the Green New Deal, a concept created over a decade ago, turned a resolution drafted by Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Senator Ed Markey (the resolution which has since been voted down). While not currently a bill in the legislation, it outlines a plan to fix the climate crisis, similarly to how president FDR fixed many of the poor economic situations after the Great Depression.

Key aspects of the plan include transforming our energy grid to be 100% renewable in ten years, public sector investments, and creating millions of new jobs. Critics of this plan say that it is far too expensive, and that the plan lacks a concrete way to fund the trillions of dollars the plan would cost. In the long run, supporters of the plan believe that the cost of the plan will outweigh losses that would’ve been caused due to global warming.

There is also a push from the private sector to address climate issues. Many companies have committed to go carbon neutral. Companies like Tesla are leading the front for electric car usage. Senior Ben Koontz says that “Elon Musk is already doing great things but he’s one of the only people that are doing things about it. We need to find a solution right now because if we don’t everything will continue to worsen.”

Scientists want people to act immediately. Recently, a scientist set himself on fire in front of the Supreme Court to bring attention to the climate crisis which many feel is not being done enough about. Rather than suicide, this was considered to be an act of protest. This shows how serious scientists believe the situation is and how urgently solutions are needed.