Do You Dare to Dodge?

After a short hiatus, SGA Dodgeball has returned to Apopka High! Across both events, more than 20 teams competed for the top spot. All of them came with high hopes and high energy, looking for victory. 

Two members of the SARM Goblins in a game

The event featured a double-elimination bracket for competitors, giving them a second shot after a loss. Another rule was that if you made a full court shot successfully, all players of your team could come back on. Everything else was standard dodgeball rules.  The teams were made up of students, as well as a few teachers.

Competitor in an inflatable shark costume.

The competition saw no shortage of creativity, with many different team names and designs. Many teams created custom shirts or had some other sort of uniform. One team wore costumes, including morph suits, inflatable suits, and housekeepers uniforms. Some of the most creative names included the “Testakillers,” “Ball Busters 2.0,” and “SARM Goblins.”

Dodgeball I champions, Aim For The Fat Guy

The first dodgeball event was held in March. After going undefeated, it saw Aim For The Fat Guy take the top spot. The runners up were the Dodge Ball Kings, who made their way through the losers bracket and into the final.

After hosting an extremely successful first event, SGA planned and hosted a second dodgeball event, this one held in April. Many more teams entered the second event, looking to take home a victory. Teams created new outfits for the new competition, and looked to show out.

The winners and runners up of Dodgeball II

In Dodgeball II, there were 17 teams that entered the tournament. Many tried, but many failed, and were eliminated. Returning champions Aim For The Fat Guy took victory again. This time, it was Ball Busters 2.0 who they edged out in the final.

Thanks to the SGA many students were able to have a great time. The next SGA dodgeball event is planned for fall 2022.