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Karlos Mancilla

Karlos Mancilla, Staff Writer

The Blue and White would like to introduce one of its new members, Karlos Mancilla. He is part of the class of 2021, making him a senior this year. He originally joined our staff because he had an interest in gaining more knowledge and experience in the journalism field along with the desire to better himself as a writer. Karlos also believes journalism to be a big part of society and in our school community. He further explained, “I feel that journalism is a fundamental part of society as it’s able to inform the public about the news of the day (and hopefully) in a fair, objective manner. Not to mention, people’s lives depend on what they hear on the news. Especially with COVID this past spring.”

As Karlos is in his senior year of high school his future aspirations include hopefully being able to get into the broadcasting journalism field and obtain a job in it. But for a backup plan he is also interested in written journalism, as well. To reach those goals for the future, he has already been a part of last year's Darter News Network (DNN) and is currently in the process of being on Apopka’s new TV program, but he is not sure when that will be. Continuing on the topic of school, he also has some different thoughts and hopes for this school year. He hopes to “end high school on a high note along with making memories, and learn a thing or two about adversity in this tough time.”

Outside of school Karlos doesn’t have much time for hobbies. But when he does have spare time, he likes to spend it watching various sports games on TV. He likes music as well, and he says,” I'll listen to anything except country. But when it comes to TV, I mentioned sports earlier but I'll also watch documentaries on occasion.” Along with that he enjoys reading about history and baking on occasion. Overall, Karlos Mancilla has an unbeatable passion for journalism and all of his staff members look forward to working with him. 

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Karlos Mancilla