Tipping Off the Girls Basketball Season


With another great fall sports season in the rear view mirror, it’s time to look ahead to the winter sports season and what lies ahead. One of the winter sports that has had consistent success over the years is girls basketball. The team is poised to improve upon their performance last season of 24 wins and 4 losses, and to claim the state championship that so many programs in across the state fight for. The team is off to a great start this season as the team, as of publication date stands at a record of 13 wins and 3 losses.

Basketball, like most other sports, was not designed to be played during a raging pandemic. The NBA and WNBA had the luxury of moving their seasons to a bubble environment. High school basketball does not get that luxury so the schedule is regularly subject to change. Junior Forward, and The Blue And White‘s very own Savannah McAfee told us about how the season has been impacted by COVID “COVID has impacted my season by canceling and postponing many of our games. During the games we have to wear our masks on the bench and our chairs are socially distant from each other. We also have to make sure to keep everything sanitized when cleaning up after games.” Savannah also told us that the pandemic has been a testament to the team’s chemistry. “I believe that we were a close-knit team before we started this season. Many of our girls have played together for two or more years now and continue to train together outside of season as well.” She said, “COVID has impacted our team bonding outside of school, because of the COVID restrictions many of the things we would usually do outside of school together is restricted.” From a basketball standpoint, when asked about who has the biggest impact on the team McAfee said “I don’t believe any one person has the biggest impact on our team. We all strive to push each other. The coaches always tell us we want nine captains on our team, not one.” Savannah describes herself as “a determined, hardworking player on and off the court.” Savannah offered her thoughts on the season thus far by saying, “Our season so far has its ups and downs. We started off rough but picked ourselves back up and now are 13-3. Overall we are making the best out of a bad time. But being able to play and forget about all that’s happening in the world right now has been helpful for all of us.” McAfee told us that there’s a reason to pay attention to the team “Right now both boys and girls basketball are doing great in the court. The games are fun to attend we have great announcers and the fans are always a plus. It’s also a good way to interact with the high school community.”

For a coaches perspective, The Blue And White spoke with longtime head coach Brittany Hardy. Coach Hardy began by telling us, “We have had about 5 games canceled due to COVID. but we have been blessed that we haven’t had a significant impact to our season due to COVID.” but Hardy did say that basketball has served as a brief escape for the players, “COVID hasn’t made us any less competitive, I think for those 32 minutes, the athletes are focused on the game they love and for just a brief moment in time they are able to forget about everything else that is happening.” As for her outlook on the team this season, Hardy tells us, “We lost key players last year as result of graduating three seniors and two transfers. as a coaching staff, we went to the drawing board to figure how to win with our team. The game plan was shared with the team and they have worked hard this season to get it done.” Savannah had alluded to the bond this team has and Hardy echoed this sentiment, ” I don’t have just one player to watch. you can look at all 9 and all 9 will always give you a great show and 110%.” 

So this season may not look normal, however, the team is off to a great start hoping to claim a state title and, they are in prime position to do just that. The determination of this team only serves to their advantage. Only time will tell if this team will fulfill their destiny.