Socializing with Mr. Shreiner

Although rare, it’s not a new concept to see new faces come and join the Apopka High School community. Mr. Dawson Shreiner is one of those new faces. Originally hailing from Tavares, Florida, Mr. Shreiner has taught both World and US History for well over five years. The Blue and White had the opportunity to get to know Mr. Shreiner.


Q: How has your time at AHS been thus far?

A: Absolutely great, everyone here has been so open and helpful towards me as I make this transition. From the Administration and the U.S. History Team daily support I feel I cannot be in a better place than I am right now. Apopka High School is truly a special place, and I am so excited to be here impacting young lives every day.

Q: What led you here to AHS?

A: Coach Rolson and the football team. I began coaching here last summer.

Q: Why did you decide to become a teacher?

A: To be honest I always felt that I had a calling to improve the people around me and others that were younger than me. I wanted to put myself in a position that I could impact individuals in a positive way and I thought of nothing better than teaching and coaching.

Q: Did you always want to be in the field of education? If so, why? If not, what was your dream?

A: Actually I did not. My father was a firefighter for Orlando Fire Department, and that was my first idea of a career. Had to make a decision as a senior in high school to either start a career or go to college. Once I was offered a chance to continue to play football at the next level at a great academic institution ,I decided to pursue that path. Once there I actually enrolled in the nursing program but I was not seeing my life play out that way so after my freshman year I changed majors to education and have been extremely happy since.

Q: Where did you go to college? What did you major in?

A: West Virginia Wesleyan College, on a football scholarship. Graduated with a degree In History as well as Secondary Education.

Q: What impact do you hope to have on your students?

A: To build positive relationships that will bring out the best in everyone that enters my classroom or that I see on campus.

Q: What do you try to do as a teacher that may make you stand out?

A: Teaching history can be repetitive and tasking in the way it is taught by some. So  I really try to make the lessons hands on and relatable to the students and their current environments. We can all learn from the past but if we do not we are doomed to repeat it!

Q: What is a bit of advice that you would give to your high school self?

A: Trust yourself and know that you can do it. Never let the little things get the better of you because you have the ability to decide your own future. Positive attitude leads to positive results. 

Q:  Do you have any hobbies?

A: Your typical things, like hanging out with my dog Baxter, being on the water fishing and riding around, being with friends and family.

Q: Is there anything else interesting that you want students to know about you?

A: If you are ever in need of anything know that my door is always open. I am here to help, mentor and I am more than willing to give my time to lend some advice or just to listen if you need someone too.