Flag Football’s Fabulous Success

With the perennial success of the boys Varsity football team over the last few decades, the girls flag football season will sometimes be viewed as just another footnote in the sports calendar. Don’t tell these Lady Darters that. They’re off to a 5-0 start to the season, and as we’ve covered with several other Apopka sports teams, this season has been a success. This team prides themselves on being a well-balanced team with a high octane offense and a formidable defense. This team may be off to a strong start, but to them, it’s only the beginning.

Head coach Tanisha Wilson has a lot of confidence in this team that has come together. When asked about how she thinks the team is doing, Wilson told us: “So far the season is off to a great start. The lady Darters are currently 5-0 and have only given up one touchdown all season.” Wilson sees some clear strengths on the team. “The team’s strengths so far this season is their comradery and their ability to communicate on and off the field…The bond the girls share and their ability to communicate with each other has contributed to their success. They work together and are able to read the offense of other teams and make adjustments which have stopped other teams from scoring so far,” she explained. One may wonder whether coaching combined with talent has a role in the team’s success. Coach Wilson told us that she has been preaching a message to her squad. “I have preached all season that if they work hard every day and remain humble they will reach their team goal. I believe the message resonates with them because they are constantly pushing each other, learning from their mistakes and asking questions to perfect their craft.” As for what the team has to do the rest of the season, Wilson told us: “For the rest of the season to be successful they will need to continue to work hard in practice, trust the process and remain focused on the goal they have set this season.”

Keira Knight is a senior on the flag football team who not only plans on leaving her mark on the team but to further her flag football career at the collegiate level. But before we took a look ahead, we decided to assess the present. “The season is going good so far. We beat our rival Wekiva so I’ll say the season is going pretty good. We hold a record of 5-0 so far. We just got to keep our head up and remain humble,” Kiera tells us. Kiera also applauds the team’s great defense: “I will say our team’s strengths has been keeping other teams from scoring and running the scoreboard up on offense.” Kiera also added, “Defensively we are strong and we are able to read the other teams offenses. Our adjustments keep our offense on the field which leads to us scoring more on offense.” Individually, Knight sees herself as a very versatile player who can get the job done. “I’m very competitive and hardworking. As a coach you could really put me anywhere on the field and I’ll get the job done,” she says. As for the aforementioned possibility of playing flag football at the collegiate level, Knight told us: “I haven’t decided what school I’m going to yet, but I feel very excited about it. I’m ready to go experience flag football at the collegiate level.”


This season has been nothing short of impressive for the Lady Darter flag football team. This team has the determination and confidence to keep that momentum going in a positive direction. The future looks bright and there should be some championship chatter if there isn’t already.