In Depth With Jamya Davis

On the surface, Jamaya Davis seems like the average high school senior. But Jamaya is a driven individual who set the bar high for herself and has her eyes set on success. Jamaya was also involved in a number of activities at AHS, so it’s safe to say she’s left her mark. The Blue and White got to know Jamaya’s passion and drive. 


Q: As a senior, how would you describe your high school experience?

A: As a Senior, I would describe my high school experience as fulfilling, developmental, and transformative. Fulfilling in the terms that I feel my time in high school, and at Apopka High, has given me the most I could get out of high school. I don’t think I missed out or had a high school experience that was left wanting or lacking: I genuinely enjoyed high school, and I had a fun time! Developmental is me referring to the growing process everyone has throughout the duration of their high school career. No one ever (or they shouldn’t) remains entirely the same from start to finish: there are always obstacles, trials, triumphs, that affect you as a student and person and contribute to your development. I know I can definitely say this is what occurred for myself! I’m not the same from freshman year (Thank God!). I say transformative because it is in tandem with development, but transforming is becoming something a bit new. I developed into something/somebody new! I am not the same person I was entering high school and I’m better and happier for it. I’ve become more in tune with myself and who I am, I feel better about myself and stronger. All in all, it was a fantastic experience, and I’d change little to nothing!

Q: What were you involved in here at Apopka?

A: Quite a bit to be honest! My Sophomore year, when I came to Apopka High, I got involved with Sophomore Class Council, Varsity Girls Weightlifting, Varsity Tennis, and BETA Club. I also was a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) my Sophomore Year which really kept me grounded, and the pizza and good vibes were a huge plus to my Wednesdays. My Junior Year was busier! I was involved in the best extracurricular activity at Apopka, the Varsity Color Guard for both the Field and Winter Season. Guard is, and was, a top-teir experience with a phenomenal group of girls and coaches, and I will always cherish them. I was also inducted into the National Honor Society of which I am now Historian. I was accepted into the Student Government Association, which I’d highly recommend, as Senator and I am now Parliamentarian. I became involved in Minority Leaders Scholars, a fantastic, close-knit organization my Junior Year as well. Additionally, I was a member of the Junior Class Council and the National English Honor Society and the Science National Honor Society! My senior year, albeit still quite busy, I am not involved in quite so many activities. I’m still a member of the BETA Club, SGA, National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, and Varsity Color Guard Team. I am also a member of the Senior Class Council! When I can, I still attend FCA meetings on Wednesdays and the same with the Gender Sexuality Alliance (small but mighty and educational). 

I know that’s a lot, but being involved makes high school so much better and I’ve loved being a member of every club, society, and organization I’ve been a part of!

Q: What is a fond memory you have here at Apopka?

A: There are so many! My fondest memory would have to be last year when the Apopka Boys Varsity Football Team made it all the way to the state championship! The school spirit and anticipation were absolutely through the roof. We were like a powder keg about to explode with excitement and it was so fun to be in the midst of. At the actual game I was blown away by the sheer number of Blue Darter supporters out there, but I wasn’t surprised because if it’s one thing Apopka is it’s a tight-knit community (one of my favorite aspects of Apopka as a city). I was with my Color Guard Team, and we were screaming, chanting, and cheering along with so many other people and I just remember feeling so ecstatic! I was so thrilled. Despite the fact that I’d later be crying, I mean snotty nosed tears;  I was still so proud of our team and ultra grateful to have experienced this moment because not many people ever will. My heart will always lay with Apopka High School. I mean, I truly think if you pricked me I’d bleed blue and white. I’ll always be a Blue Darter!

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: My plans for the future are to attend a four-year university, preferably an HBCU or Historically Black College and University, and obtain my bachelor’s degree in Political Science. As for which college or university, stay tuned for decision day! I’ll likely try, emphasis on trying to get a job during college and I definitely plan to get some internships! I’d love to intern at the U.S. Capitol and work on Capitol Hill! Post College I’m not quite sure yet to be honest. I think I’d be of best use to society, at least my views at the moment, working in the federal legislature and using my skills to help citizens of the community that way. As of right now though I’m open to everything and I’m just trying to prepare myself best to become a productive part of society and help make the world a better place! Super long term I’d love to own an apartment, a house, find my partner in crime, get married, adopt some pets, have kids, the whole shebang. Ultimately, stay tuned for me, I’d appreciate your future vote if I do run for office. Let’s build a better world together! 

Q: How has your time at Apopka shaped you?

A:Apopka definitely pushed me out my comfort zone! For Senior Class Council we had to do videos discussing what it means to be a Blue Darter, and in my video I said it meant that we as Blue Darter’s excel and I truly meant it. Being at Apopka has shaped me into a person that is constantly striving to excel at everything I do, whether it’s my grades and GPA, my AP Classes, or being involved in extracurricular activities. This includes putting myself out there in new clubs and activities I didn’t previously know about, but wanted to try and be a part of. I’m constantly trying to push myself to hone and sharpen my skills and being here helped shape and refine that aspect of myself because, if you find the right people, there are others students striving to do the same thing which provides camaraderie and motivation. Apopka helped shape this aspect of me because the opportunities were there to begin with! Additionally, Apopka helped me value the impact of a community much more than I did previously. Apopka High and Apopka as a city is the best definition of a community with strong school spirit and pride. Apopka is big enough for there to be one of every body here but small enough to feel familiar and homey. The feelings I’ve received from Apopka are feelings I want to always strive to be a part of. Apopka has also made me much more passionate and determined! Which also ties into excelling- you have to have passion and determination in order to excel and get what you need to excel. I’m more passionate about my grades and education, as well as the importance of education for everyone worldwide. I’ve also become more passionate about social justice and injustice at Apopka, and the part I want to play in making a change because I had the room to develop my own opinions and thoughts here. Attending Apopka also showed me how big and small the world can be, and how diverse the human race is. There is so much variety amongst so many people and it was a shift from my previous school, a very welcome shift. I loved being able to see different types of people every single day at school and marvel at the wonders of the world. Ultimately, Apopka has shaped me into my own person and I’m very very happy about it.

Q: Any teachers you’d like to thank?

A: All of them! Each of my teachers are like little puzzle pieces in the picture that is me, or chef’s adding their contributions to the dish: they all contributed to shaping the piece and adding to myself, making me whole and so much better for it! I want to thank my sophomore year teachers: Mrs.Robinson, Mr. Guerrero, Mrs. Townsend, Mr. Talbert, Mr. Hutton, Mr. Russell, and Mr. Anchel! My Junior Year Teachers: Mrs. Townsend (again!), Mr. Brenner, Mr. Peter’s, Ms. Durham, Mrs. Gardiner, Mr. Fairchild, and Mrs. Gruman plus Mr. Graham who doubled as my AP Bio Teachers (with grace!). Last but certainly not least as these are the teacher’s I finish my high school career with: Mr. Russell (had to go back), Mr. Peters (back to back!), Mrs. Hobbins, Mrs. Houvouras, Mr. Whitcomb, Mrs. Gruman, and Mrs. West! I truly wouldn’t be the person I am today without their phenomenal teaching skills and the wonderful relationships I was utterly blessed to build with each and every one of them, and they all hold a special place in my heart! It’s going to hurt to leave, but I’m going to make them proud!

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

A: I started my own business over quarantine but had to go on a hiatus because senior year was entirely, and still is, too busy. With that being said, one of my previous hobbies was resin making! I really enjoy listening to music, at any given point around school and at home I likely have my headphones on listening to a variety of music. I like exercising, I feel really good afterwards and being active is great. I love being outside in nature and under the big blue sky. My top hobby is reading! Reading lets me travel this world and all the worlds beyond with just some paper and the twenty-six letters of the alphabet, and I love love love it. I could get lost in Barnes and Nobles and have no desire to leave. 

Q: What’s your message to underclassmen?

A: Such a hard question! My first message would be to never stop moving forward. Like Dr. King stated: If you can’t fly then run. If you can’t run then walk. If you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward. This applies to everything: good grades and bad grades, friendships and falling outs, wins and losses: it doesn’t end there. Please never stop pushing towards the finish line. My next message would be take care of your mental health! Everyone has mental health, and I know we can get exasperated with the mental health day but the meaning behind the message is crucial! Find things that make you happy and keep your peace and hold close to them! Step outside for 5 minutes everyday, listen to your favorite song at the start of the day, breathe in for four and out for eight, do something to take care of yourself in a small way everyday and take time for yourself! You’re worth it. And remember your self worth is not tied to school. Seriously. My third message would be that it’s never the end of the world and it’s never too late: life will continue to move forward and so can you, and never stop trying to succeed. My fourth message would be to respect your teachers! Their profession is dedicated to helping you succeed, the least you can do is be respectful! You need them, and they dedicated a portion of their lives to help you. Be nice! My final message is to remember to be happy! Smile! Dance! Laugh! Life is not doom and gloom! Know that one day you will finish. You will walk across that stage and enter the next chapter of your life and it will be so worth it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is shining for you! You’re never alone, and you’re worth all the success you have yet to achieve (and have already achieved). You got this!