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Janessa Monchery is a senior here at Apopka High School and a new addition to The Blue and White Staff! When asked about her likes and hobbies she gave a range of responses that were rather interesting, to say the least. In her free time, Janessa enjoys informing herself on political ideologies that she believes will shape the future of our society. However, when she is not doing that she’s usually playing with her cat, Mikey. Other than her passion for the future of society and social norms, Janessa is very active here at Apopka. She participates in many Academic clubs here at Apopka like BETA and National Honor Society (NHS) and clubs that focus on heritage like the once active Korean Culture Club.

Okay so, how would you describe yourself as a student in one word-- one sentence? Sorry.


I said a sentence...

Oh (laughs) very chaotic, not productive, spontaneous bits of energy just colliding into one being known as Janessa.

What are your plans after high school?

Honestly, my plans after high school… don't let Mr. or Mrs. Houvouras hear this but go to UF, pursue a BA and hopefully MA in public health, become an epidemiologist, hopefully, work for the CDC so I can tell y'all to wear your masks right. You know? That's my dream job. 

Okay and what else?

Okay well definitely move out of Florida, I'm sorry but I can't do this anymore. I'm SORRY. Probably move somewhere up North. I'm thinking New York, but New York is too packed, like no. I don't know where up North but somewhere that's like near a big city that's 20-30 minutes away. 

What do you hope to get out of your senior year here at Apopka now that we’re back on campus, you know? Things might be a little different. So what do you expect to get out of your senior year this year?

Honestly the most I expect to get out of my senior year… I just wanna get a high enough SAT/ACT score. I just wanna go to college. I just wanna get into a college so I can pursue the career I wanna pursue because it's just so stressful. The expectations are getting higher because some kid graduated with their AA and then Billy is out here in the corner with 5 AP credits. And it's just so much and this is probably why we all have mental health issues, you know? It is what it is! (laughs)

Last question, if there was a song that you could forget to experience all over again what song would it be and why?

Honestly, that is a very very very hard question. I have like 3 songs in mind. 

(Okay gimme the three.) 

Alright so one of them is "Serendipity" and "Singularity" by BTS, and "The Song" by Steve Lacy. Let me give you a reason for all three. "Singularity" is because it's just something about the singer's voice. Clear brain slate first listen it had a feeling of longing. You know, loneliness. But The Song by Steve Lacy you just have to listen to it to understand. It gives summer vibes but it also seems sad. And Serendipity I don't need to comment on that! 

For the Non-BTS fans, you do.

Love me noowwwwwww (sings the song)

That's it. 

That's it?


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