Oxford High School Tragedy

In 2019, the US saw the highest number of shootings, clocking in at 417, just for that record to be beaten in 2020 with a new count of 600. On November 30th of this year, Ethan Crumbley shot and killed four students and injured seven others at Oxford High school. As a result of his crimes, he is being charged as an adult, and his parents have also been arrested for involuntary manslaughter since Ethan’s father owned the gun.

“I do think our society needs stricter gun laws in general, not just because of school shootings,” Mrs. Houvouras said when asked what policy issue she thought could correct the frequent occurrences of mass shootings. “I also think that we need education about violence; I think we need better access to mental health care; I think there’s a lot of things America needs to look at policy-wise as far as us reducing the amount of gun violence, and I don’t think there is a quick fix to that problem.” Mental health often comes up as a reason when exploring why these incidents occur so frequently. Even with the new support of mental health and advocacy for it, there are still not enough resources to reach out and help at-risk kids from hurting themselves and others.

When asked if mental health plays a part in these shootings, Senior Gabrielle Gaston said, “Yes, but it is not an excuse for the shooting happening.” She later expounds on this through a similar point when answering whether or not he should be charged as an adult  for his crimes by replying, “If you do the crime you should be charged as an adult because you just caused massive amounts of trauma and grief on hundred of people and you can’t get out of that just because your fifteen.” 

Guns and USA go hand and hand, to the point where it’s become part of the American stereotype that other nations know us for. Guns have become so ingrained into our culture that any opposition to regulating them is seen with a burst of outrage. Some say that access to high-powered guns is to blame for these mass shootings, while others say it’s solely the individual. It’s clear that the debate around gun control is very sensitive in this country and will take a while to resolve truly. 

The following is a link to a verified GoFundMe page to donate to the families of those affected by the Oxford High School shooting:



Unfortunately, four lives were taken from this world because of Ethan Crumbley.

Tate Myre, 16 (bottom left)

Madisyn Baldwin, 17 (bottom right)

Hana St. Juliana, 14 (top left)

Justin Shilling, 17 (top right)

May the victims and their families find peace and healing through this difficult time.