Throwing Hands for Clay


Last school year was like every other one, we got our course registration forms and checked off which classes we wanted to take. This doesn’t leave many options when selecting core classes, but with electives, it’s a merry-go-round of possibility. One particular elective that has been making rounds for years, being extremely popular in general but especially with Seniors, is Ceramics. Guidance are the only ones who can crown the victors of this battle royale for class seats as students claw and naw at each other to get their hands dirty with clay, but why is that? What makes this class that hot? 

“I get to make cool things with no restrictions,” Senior Bella Ramos said when asked what is it about Ceramics that interested her. In Ceramics, students are able to create objects like vases, coil bowls, teacups, pots; depending on which level of the class you’re in, you name it and you’ll make it. When Senior Gabrielle Gaston, a past Ceramics student, was asked why she thinks Ceramics is such a hot class here, she responded by saying “Ms.Ellington is a very cool teacher, she’s very laid-back, she lets you do work late, and she’s very accommodating.”

Ms. Ellington is the art teacher whose kingdom resides in the 500 hall on the first floor. Unlike other rulers, she isn’t judgemental or strict. She likes to joke with her students and create a stress-free environment in their already stressful school lives. When we asked about why she thinks students would fight to the death for a spot in her class, she laughed and humbly said that she doesn’t know why they would do that; she goes on to say that she just does what she’s supposed to. Later, she responds by saying that she strives “ to create a place where students can be creative and have a fun outlet, but also feel cared about.” She continues saying although she’s “salty” in the end, her students know that she cares for them. 

Many students go into Ceramics with not a creative bone in their body, but through Ms. Ellington’s help and support, they’ve learned to create beautiful pieces that are unique to their own style. “If I could come back even though I’m a senior, YES PLEASE Ms.Ellington PLEASE!” Gabby dramatically screamed when asked if she would return to Ceramics. It’s clear to see that her influence stays with students even outside of the classroom. 

When we think of Ceramics, it can be a very daunting task. How are you supposed to take a chunk of earth and somehow make it into a vase your mom would put in the middle of the dining table instead of a vase that never sees the light of day after she laughs at you? Well, Ms. Ellington might not be a miracle worker, but she can sure help you create something uniquely you and help you improve with each new project.