Spring Football Fever

The school year is ending. Weeks of pain, suffering, sleepless nights, and Starbucks lattes are soon to be a thing of the past…albeit only for 2 months before we start it all over again, whether in college or high school. However, one thing that’ll never end is football!

The Spring football season is upon us! Some might think, “What in the world is the point of a spring football season? Don’t we leave in like 2 weeks?” Why yes loyal readers we do, but let me allow Junior Antonio Ferguson to explain. “The Spring Football game is important because it’s not only a big way of getting recruited for colleges, but it also helps to see where your team is at, talent and skill-wise, before your upcoming season.” As a result of this, Spring football seems to be a very important part of an athlete’s journey toward their future careers. 

Spring football essentially helps to set the tone for next school year’s fall season. Thus, it’s a very important game. This Spring Football Game will be APK vs Lake Gibson! Some might think that our football players are nervous, but that could only be farther from the truth. According to Senior Bryce Harrison, “ I like when we compete against each other because it motivates us and it shows come Friday nights,” which is a great attitude to have; keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Football at APK is an all-around experience with positive outcomes for all students. Bryce and Antonio explained to the Blue and White that football helped to give them a healthy outlet for expressing themselves which shows how supportive the atmosphere is on our football team. 

As the school year closes, especially if you’re a senior, you should support our team by going to the Spring Game! High school might seem long but it flies by very fast, make lasting memories with your friends before the school year is finished!