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Relaxing with Alex, Staff Writer

The Blue and White met with Staff Writer Alex Orueta, a Sophomore here at Apopka High School. We had discussions ranging from his background identity to simple concepts that captivate him.

"I'm a mix of the United States and Argentina meaning it’s a culture clash. I take more pride in my dad's side because as a child my mom gave me books about all the perspectives, I read all about the United States and its questionable choices throughout history. I know Spanish and I'm crazy about soccer, I'm pretty much that and half United States. [my dad] is from Argentina, he was born there. Lived there for 22 years and they [my parents] met through a college program, it was really interesting because it was just chance. He is also the pastor's son. Well, that makes me who I am, it’s part of my definition I wouldn't be complete if I wasn't half-Argentina because that’s literally the part that I enjoy being most of the time. Sometimes being American is handy, plus I get to make money in this country. 

[I soon had a realization growing up] Around 7th, middle school, I was kind of… a little bit… immature, I'll say easily, I kind of realized that, in a matter of a few weeks, ‘I have to change that.’That’s pretty much all there is, I did not plan very well for that question. [what initiated this change was] One of my friends said something about my clothes, and after observing my father and mother I decided to try coming to school a little more… fashionably. Then I got this thing that us Argentinians get, we start getting sensitive to smells and stuff so, I put deodorant on.

[My interests consist of] A number of things, anything in politics, usually I debate with my mother because she's full of more invested in this country because that's where she comes from. Politics is kind of edgy, it’s fun to talk about and you get your ideas and such out there. You clear yourself on things that solidify your thinking. I get really riled up about space and science. I can’t not talk about them.  I also like movies, but I was sheltered as a little kid from movies that were above my age, it kind of slowed my process down. I was about 8 when I first watched a Marvel movie, my poor self. I recently caught up on all of them, well most of them. The older ones, I can’t do it, it’s too much time. All the new ones, yes, movie theaters. I watched Star Wars, and I grinded it all recently. I really do like talking about world problems or things that I question. Then, I talk about them with my mom, and she’s usually like,‘How could you think that way?’I’m just like 'That’s why I'm talking to you about it!’ then she says 'Fair point!’"

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