Chiefs Strike the Bullseye

Recently one of the biggest events of the year concluded. The fifty-seventh Super Bowl took place, and made a splash

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as The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles. Besides the actual game, many watch the Super Bowl for the famous halftime show and super famous ads. In recent years, the shows have been performed by some of the largest stars in the world. This year’s performer was the famous Rihanna, who actually performed while pregnant. The Blue and White interviewed some students for their opinion on the show and game.


The Blue and White interviewed Tyler Walker, a Sophomore at Apopka High School who gave us his opinion on the game and show. During the game some referees called some controversial calls. One of them changed how the game went and Tyler had a strong opinion about that. “Honestly I was pretty flabbergasted by the Chiefs comeback. I

thought the call against the Eagles cornerback James Bradberry wasn’t fair. But he admitted to holding the other

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player’s jersey. That play right there really changed how the game went, it went from the Eagles smoking the Chiefs to them eventually getting beat,” Tyler said. He then assured me that either way he didn’t care much about who won or lost. When asked if he enjoyed the game he said, “The Super Bowl game was very entertaining. Even though none of the teams were my team, it was still a very close game and a good overall game to watch.” A good game is something that anyone can appreciate, and Tyler also enjoyed the halftime show. “I think Rihanna’s performance was honestly one of the BEST Super Bowl performances ever. I was expecting a featured artist to pop up like most Super Bowl halftime shows have, but none came out. But Rihanna’s show was so good she didn’t even need it.” Many critics really loved the halftime show.


Next The Blue and White interviewed Senior Andres Palmar on his opinions on the show and game. The Super Bowl is famous for very expensive and elaborate ads and many watch the show specifically for that reason. Many have favorites and so does Andres, “My favorite ad was definitely the Mr. Beast ad. I think it shows the influence that you can get from the internet with him being shown in what is to be considered the biggest stage.” You really do have to be super big to get onto the world’s biggest stage. Speaking of stages, Andres also enjoyed the halftime show. “My favorite part of Rihanna’s show is her performing that high up and doing all that stuff while pregnant, it really shows who she is as a person and it’s something really cool to do as well,” he says. One of the craziest parts of her show was the fact that she was on a super high platform when the show started. Lastly, Andres spoke a little about the game. “I thought the game was pretty good, and I was always rooting for Kansas to win so I was also happy with the outcome.” The game was close and had all of the best things, like controversial calls, crazy plays and last minute points scored.


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Continuing with the trend of our soon to be graduates, The Blue and White interviewed Senior Maria Bonilla. With all performances there are people who like it and people who don’t, “I think Rihanna’s show was pretty good; I don’t know why people didn’t like it.” Maria definitely supports Rihanna. People did not know before the show that Rihanna was pregnant, so many were confused as to why her belly was so prominent. Maria was also confused, “Her belly did show a little bit but I didn’t want to assume anything. I did see a lot of people talking about how they were trying to defend her since many people were saying she was fat or hinting at her being pregnant again (only to find out she is).” What many people like about the show was the fearless platform stunt that she did, “When she went up with the platform, all the lights were on her. She looked so ethereal,” explains Maria. It was definitely a super stunning performance.


Lastly, The Blue and White interviewed Sophomore Harry Pennel, who enjoys watching football. The game was

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decided by the hugely talented Patrick Mahomes, but Harry also thinks some other players had a hand in it, “The Chiefs comeback was Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes doing what they do best, and Isaiah Pacheco running out the clock.” Pacheco sure did a lot of running. Like Tyler, Harry has some opinions on the referees calls, “ I’d say the biggest letdown was some of the referees’ decisions, despite me wanting the Chiefs to win, some of their decisions, especially the holding call on the eagles to finish the game, was very controversial.” This call seems to have attracted a lot of attention from the viewers. Many people have reasons for wanting other teams to win, “To be honest I didn’t want any of them to win, but I wanted the Chiefs to win just because I dislike Philadelphia fans.” This is the thought process of all sports fans whose teams lose before the big final.


The Super Bowl ended with massive views and many angry Eagles fans. The event also ended with according to critics and casual viewers alike one of the best halftime shows ever. According to some of our interviewees, if you have not watched the Super Bowl, you should definitely do so.