Having Difficulties Selecting Shows? Not Anymore.

With all the media and entertainment being produced, it may be hard to decide what to watch or play. There are so many options to choose from, but some students at Apopka High School already have some solid shows and games they would like to recommend.

A Senior at Apopka High School, Tyler Campbell, is turning bad and invites you to turn with him. “I would recommend Breaking Bad because it has a really good storyline and detailed storyline. I feel like in certain shows you get lost in the storyline but in this show you get a really good description of when it’s happening and how it’s happening and what’s going on. Something I really liked

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about it is that it actually teaches you some stuff about chemistry, and I feel like most people can enjoy a show like this. How detailed it is, you get to understand the characters and their families, you know everything about them by the end of the show. So the show, in my opinion, is about a chemistry teacher that doesn’t have enough money to support his family. He gets cancer and has to pay for treatment, and he doesn’t have insurance to pay for the treatment. So he goes about other ways to make the money. He goes to the drug business where he makes methamphetamine, and he makes a lot more money than he thought it would, and he becomes a very successful drug dealer. As the story goes on, he becomes more of a dealer and manufacturer. He becomes more of a scary guy. You would be scared if you met him.”

Imagine if our chemistry teachers started making drugs. Speaking of TV shows, Ariana Gonzalez,

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who’s in grade 12, has a few suggestions that might lead to binge watching for nights on end. “A series I would recommend is either New Girl or Never Have I Ever. New Girl is funny and witty, well they’re both kind of funny like that. New Girl has a lot of characters. The main character is really funny, and what happens to her roommates is so weird. Actually I haven’t watched it for a long time. They are just weird, they aren’t functional. I don’t know, they’re kind of crazy and make a lot of stupid mistakes.”


This next series is kind of an outlier, not being a traditional TV show because it has no episodes or seasons. Nonetheless, it is broadcasted on TV for entertainment purposes. It’s the mighty World Cup, which captivates sports lovers for its intense passion, and Sophomore Steven Novak shares that passion with us. “For the World Cup, I want the USA to win because I am from the United States. I feel like Brazil will win because they [boast] one of the best teams on paper. I feel like the runner up is Denmark because they’re solid all around. It’s not really about winning because it’s an experience. For a lot of players young or old, it’s hard to

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get on the national team. But when you win your qualification tournament to get to the World Cup, it then centers on winning because it’s something your country takes pride in and not many national teams have made it. It’s always fun to watch, and it’s always competitive. I don’t think the United States has any chance of winning.” Wow, no chance whatsoever.  

Now, let’s check out two video games our peers are excited for. Junior Naomi Delgado feels a strong sense of duty to inform you about the game she is hooked on right now. “A game I enjoy is Call of Duty. Black Ops is really fun. I like playing with my friends. It’s a whole group that I play with. I think I’m really good with a sniper. I have the golden sniper.

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I’m trying to get the diamond one, though. Yeah, I’m really excited for Modern Warfare to come out.”


What a way to grind the levels! Let’s change gears, and talk about a more passive way of securing victory, plus an exciting coincidence.


“My name is West Smith, I’m in 11th grade and a video game I’m really excited for is Splatoon Three. It comes out on September 9th, which is the estimated release, and that’s the same day as my birthday. I’m really excited for it. I’ve played a lot of Splatoon 2. The game is a third person shooter, but instead of just shooting other players you shoot the

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battlefield. Getting the most ink on the battlefield [causes] your team to win. Another game I’m excited for is Overwatch 2, I don’t know if it’s going to be as good as the original though, I used to play a lot of Overwatch.”


Hopefully, these suggestions have aided you in your plight. These students are excited for their respective choices and no doubt you are as well.