Apopka’s Ready to Bat the Season Away


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Baseball is a popular sport in the United States and some other countries, and Apopka High School has its own great baseball team. The coach of Apopka’s High School baseball team is Coach Brewer. He has his own opinion on what he thinks is the “model” player. “We expect all our players to be student athletes. That means they have got to get it done in the classroom and act in a manner that makes them look professional on the field.” Every coach loves and appreciates a great talent, but experienced players make the best teams. Coach Brewer has revealed that he has many experienced players this year, giving him the upper hand. “We will be an older team this year with more varsity experience than in the past couple of years so I am looking for us to be one of the top teams in the area.” Baseball is a unique sport and involves a lot of practice and strategy. Coach Brewer has coached other sports, but enjoys coaching baseball the most. “I have coached a few different sports but have found baseball the most enjoyable because you have to coach each player differently to get the most out of your team.” Seeing your players grow and play better is a joy to a coach, and this seems to be a major case for Apopka’s baseball team.

Although a coach is extremely important, the people on the field are what counts in the end. The motivation behind a player is very important, and some of the best athletes in the world have that strong motivation. Philip DeVita has his own motivation behind why he plays baseball. “I’d say what motivates me to play my best is my teammates, we all work really hard all year to win the most games we can so just trying to do anything I can to help that.” Many athletes play their respective sport because they love it and because it’s what they grew up with. This is no exception to Philip, “I play baseball just because I love it. I’ve played it my whole life and want to continue to play for as long as I can.” These feelings create players that are dedicated and serious to the sport they play.


This season is expected to be one of the best seasons because of how experienced the team’s roster is. Both Jacob

Anthony DeVita pitching

Meyerer and Anthony DeVita both agree that the roster has been playing practically since middle school and that they know each other very well. Teammates who know each other create a team in sync which makes the team more effective. For that reason, both are confident that this season will be successful.


Knowing what the coaches appreciate is an important way of assuring that you get onto a varsity or junior varsity team. Jackson Meyerer is on Varsity and knows what the baseball coach and coaches in general appreciate. “Coaches appreciate honesty and work ethic the most. They want to see kids being honest with themselves but also giving all the effort they can give in the classroom and on the field.” One tip for potential players is to also try your best in school, coaches appreciate diligence in both the field and in school. Like many sports, baseball is a way to make lifelong relationships. Jackson said, “I play baseball because of the friendships I have made throughout the years, the excitement during the games, and the relief it brings to me especially on long days.”


 Last season went astonishingly well with the team making it to Regionals. Their score was 41-12 which is extremely impressive. Baseball is an important sport to many people and the Apopka High Schools team is very good. It’s not too late to check them out.