Is There Life After High School?


As the school year comes to a close, all of our Seniors will soon be leaving us to start the next big chapter of their lives. What they do after high school can also decide the future they have and for that reason, The Blue and White decided to interview some Seniors on their after school plans; whether that be going to college, moving away, or even just staying at home.


Starting our list of Seniors is Tyler Campbell. One of the most important and common activities to do after high school is to continue education and go to college. When we asked Tyler about this, he answered, “I’m not sure about college. I have gotten accepted into one in Texas. I am deciding whether to take a semester off and apply to a university in Florida. I’m not really sure what the best decision is for me.” Most people think of college as a way to make money in the future, but Tyler has different motives, “I want to make it so my parents never have to work another day in their lives. They are always there for me when I need them, and even when I don’t know I do,” Tyler said. This is great motivation for him to do his best; but for now he says,  “The first thing I will do after high school is either go to college or take some time off. I really want to go on a cruise when I get out.” A cruise would be very relaxing and a great way to take a break.


Next, The Blue and White interviewed Kaitlyn Hodges. Another large part of after high school plans are the steps students will take to reach that job or career. Kaitlyn knows what she wants to do, “The big job I’m hoping to reach is a nurse practitioner. It allows me to treat more patients, and that’s all I wish to do in life. Helping people is something I have always been really passionate about.” Being a nurse is a hard and labor intensive job. When asked to elaborate on her future job she said, “After high school I plan on studying nursing. More specifically a labor and delivery nurse. When I was little, I was always fascinated by babies and I thought it was cool how you get to see God’s creation come to life.” Those moments are incredibly sensitive for lots of different reasons, and we always need more nurses.


For Jeremy Truong, graduating high school is a big moment and thinking about the new responsibilities can make graduates nervous. Jeremy has had a change of heart as these moments go by, “I was generally nervous about leaving high school to go to college and becoming an adult. However, I’m now excited as some of my close relationships have helped me prepare for what is ahead.” Having the support of friends can make anything seem exciting. However, Jeremy already has plans for the immediate things he’s going to do after high school, “To be honest, it’s going to be a lot of sleep, hanging out with friends, like eating out or bowling. Other than that, celebrating with my family is the most obvious thing,” explained Jeremy. Jeremy also has a plan for college, “My current plans are to go to Valencia which is a community college. I’m there to study biomedical sciences and to get an AA degree which will allow me to transfer to UCF.” Sounds like a great plan, and a great future career as well.


Last on our list of Seniors is Mercedes Portalatin. The types of jobs people choose is usually inspired by something and Mercedes knows exactly what she wants to do, “I want to be an EMT or paramedic because I want to have a fast-paced job in the medical field, and I was inspired by Planes Fire and Rescue.” People in this line of work are very valuable and greatly contribute to society. Finishing high school and traveling are great ways to grow and gain valuable experiences. Mercedes wants to leave Florida and go elsewhere, “I am excited because I am ready to leave Florida and experience life on my own and grow more as a person.”


Our interviewees are all promising to be great future students and adults. As our Seniors depart, we will miss them, but still wish them the best of luck in whatever they do.