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The Blue and White interviewed Giahnie Germain, a Junior at Apopka High School for this article. Giahnie is currently a Sta In the article, we discuss her background, what makes her thankful, and the realization she had in middle school.  Get to know more about Giahnie down below.

Both of my parents grew up in Haiti, so it's kind of hard to sign up for things at school because they haven’t lived doing it. So I’ve found myself to be really independent taking care of myself at school. I'm the oldest in my family and my parents are a little bit older than other kids' parents my age. Because of that, I'm excited to help my little brothers whenever they need help with something because sometimes I really needed someone to look up to, to help me do things kids do my age.

When strangers give me compliments because I feel like it comes from a different part of them. You know when your friends compliment you on something you've been thinking about and you don’t really believe it? When a stranger compliments you randomly, it really brightens my day. [the gratitude] Motivated me to be more open-minded about other people because most of the time it’s people I don’t imagine talking to.

I remember in 8th-grade middle school I got a C in Algebra 1, and my dad was really disappointed because he wants me to get good grades. He gave me this talk that changed the way I look at school forever. He made me promise not to get Cs and then after that I got A's and B's in 9th grade and I feel like that I really changed my perception because I really thought that I wouldn't be able to get that.

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