The Apopka Valentine’s Fever

Valentine’s Day is a chance to shower your loved ones with presents and gratitude and flex your knowledge about their likes and dislikes. Although some may dread this day due to all the cute lovey-dovey couples and their ginormous gifts. The Blue and White documented what this day looks like at Apopka High School, and asked for their perspectives on what Valentine’s day means to them, how it went, and how they felt about it.

Surprisingly, believe it or not, there are a lot of people who look forward to participating in Valentine’s day. The Blue and White interviewed a variety of people starting with, Allen Hernadez sophomore at Apopka Highschool he gives his opinion, “I think it’s pretty nice. It’s a great moment to hang out with the ones you love and all I’m doing is hanging out with my partner and just being at school pretty much.”

Catherine Mohnana and Katlin Rodriguez both in 11th grade also believed Valentine’s Day was great if you have someone to spend it with. Cathrine Mohnana said, “I think Valentine’s is fun if you have a significant other, well if you don’t it’s just kinda lonely you know.” Katlin adds, “It is for me because I’m with my friends and I like making fun of my sister trying [by trying to] give gifts to her crush or whatever.”

We interviewed Junior Kayla Gordon a few days before Valentine’s Day. She loves Valentine’s Day so far, but also looked at it from another perspective! “[So far Valentine’s Day is] good, I’ve been getting stuff from my valentine so it’s going good. ”When asked if she actually likes Valentine’s day she said, “No. It’s just sad, I feel bad for people who don’t have a valentine, and they just are staring at those who do have valentines.”

Olivia Young the Junior class president is not a fan of Valentine’s day like many others,” I see my Valentine’s Day going lame. I’m going to be by myself, I’ll order uber eats and do some homework. My least favorite valentines movie is the kissing booth. I actually turn off the sound and give them voices on my own.”

Beverly Garcia and Katlin Collins had a few words about Valentine’s day, Freshman Beverly Garcia starts by saying, “I do have a valentine this year, I’m not doing much though. I don’t want to carry too much, I’m not feeling the valentines SPIRIT! You know Valentine’s Day is a fake holiday created by the government to make more money so..” Junior Kaitlyn Collins believes that, ”Valentine’s Day is a kind of an annoying holiday. It’s not annoying if you’re in a relationship, it’s a day where you kinda get to spread your love to everyone whether it’s a loved one or if it’s just a friend. That’s what I think about valentines day. “

It seems like this year’s Valentine’s day had mixed feelings, take a moment to think about what Valentine’s means to you.