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Tyler McNamara, Editor

Tyler is our eldest member of The Blue and White this year and is also a senior here at AHS. Having been through the ranks of learning how to work WordPress, new article ideas, meeting new staff members, rough drafts, and hard deadlines, I would say he has this pretty down pat. He is the man to go to whenever something goes wrong within our group that Mrs. Houvouras cannot figure out herself. Nonetheless, that is not all there is to know about Tyler. He takes part in many interesting hobbies, such as watching TV shows, playing video games, and learning how to play the guitar. Tyler aspires to a career in journalism after high school which would be obvious even if you did not know him before. Tyler is very detail oriented. He is straight to the point in any conversation and the glue guy on every team. He  keeps everything running smoothly, even when it looks like the worst is yet to come. In his four years here at AHS, he has also pushed himself in many rigorous AP and dual enrollment courses at Valencia College. Although his load during his senior year is lighter, since he only attends Apopka for two classes and the rest of the day he does Valencia Dual enrollment online.


So how did this journey of Tyler the future journalist come about? He said, “I would have never joined if it had not been for his Avid teacher, Ms. Brennan, who recommended me to Mrs. Houvouras. I always enjoyed writing but something I love even more than that is coming up with punny headlines, so the newspaper was the obvious choice. After posing the question about how journalism plays a role in our society or school community, Tyler feels that it is good because it gives everyone a platform to speak out freely. This is good, especially in this day and age because we run into so many conflicts among one another. His only knock on this is that “we are in a world where so many people are able to freely spout out misinformation, and I think it is important to have people who can contribute to some credibility and  avoid overbias which is where journalism comes into play.”  Reiterating from the introduction, Tyler plans to go to school for journalism and to do that he wants to continue being in The Blue and White, keeping his grades up, and getting more community service hours before the year is out.


Tyler is not really a social butterfly, but he has gained some new friends that have let him spread his wings a little bit, getting more active by attending  school functions’ such as homecoming. He saids that “Homecoming is probably one of my favorite parts of high school going with my friends my junior year.” It gets crazy during Homecoming week at AHS. Tyler said, “It's not an academic achievement, but there's nothing like wearing a Captain America suit to a school function.” Due to the whole COVID-19 crisis, Tyler, just like every other teenager, wants things to get better and to have some sense of normalcy, especially during his last year of high school. He hopes, “things will get better soon and I hope that all the face-to-face students and staff are able to stay safe in the meantime.” Until that point, we should all do our best with the hand we’ve been dealt.”


Life after high school for Tyler will be very similar, with him staying in close proximity to his hometown in Apopka, Florida. He is leaning towards staying in-state for college. He said, “I am applying to UF at the moment, but it really depends on where I can get the value for the lowest cost.” This is typically the case for the majority of high school seniors because of how expensive college can get for young adults. When asked about what Tyler is looking forward to the most when going to college next year, he explains, “I just want it to be over. That sounds bad but I think I will be relieved once I have finally finished school and my academic years are over. With  Everything being so uncertain, I don't really have high expectations for what my college experience will be like.”

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Tyler McNamara