Time To Do Something, Apopka!

As the school year is nearing its end, it might be helpful to take a look at the various clubs that students might want to get involved with in the 2021-2022 school year. One club that may be of interest to some would be the Do Something club, which is exactly what is going to be discussed here in this article. The Blue and White reached out to several members of the Do Something club in order to get an inside look at what exactly the club is all about.

With all of the various clubs and activities that Apopka has to offer, it definitely can’t hurt to gain some insight on individual clubs. The best way to learn is by asking questions, which this article has set out to provide answers to. The most important question to answer about the club is likely the most obvious one: What is the Do Something club? In response to that question, Mattie told The Blue and White that the club “is an organization that branches out in each city,” (which means the local club is called “Do Something Apopka”) and that “the club is required to complete two or more community service projects within each semester.” Essentially, the club has set out to make a difference in the community by (wait for it) doing something.

To further elaborate on what sort of activities the Do Something club takes part in, members of the club gave various examples. One such example was given by Mattie, who spoke about “a project named ‘Blessing Bags,’ where money is donated by members and those who want to help out. We put together little bags with male and female hygiene products for those who can’t afford them.” The social media manager for the club, Senior Victoria Shinker, mentioned another similar project, which is called “Power to the Period.” The project was designed to address “the issue around low-income women not being able to afford period products such as pads and tampons. We are collecting all kinds of pads and tampons to donate to a women’s shelter in Orlando.” While these are just a few examples of what the Do Something club gets up to, they should help to get better acquainted with what the club has to offer.

For anyone who might be interested in joining the club, the members of the Do Something club that we spoke to had some words of encouragement to give. If you are wondering why you would want to join, it may help to hear from the people who have already done so. For example, Senior Bergelanda Charlemagne “saw the Do Something club as an opportunity to volunteer and get active in a more casual environment through collaborating directly with peers and friends!” Mattie believes that the “Do Something club is a productive club that gives you the opportunity to help those in your community” as well as a “safe way to earn community service hours without having to risk your health.” This is a great reason to get involved with the club, especially for students who are looking to earn the proper amount of community service hours to qualify for scholarships, such as Bright Futures. For any who might not know, the Bright Futures scholarship awards college tuition to Florida students who meet certain qualifications, namely the 75-100 hours of community service. In any case, the Do Something club has a lot to offer.

Whether you’re looking to fulfill your community service requirements for Bright Futures or you’re just looking to get more involved with some extracurricular activities around campus, the Do Something club could be the perfect opportunity. Victoria told The Blue and White that “Do Something addresses so many different issues that there is no limit to contributing to the community. Anyone is able to join and come up with ideas to help the community. This club is all about ACTION. Whatever you can contribute makes a big impact to someone or something and you may not even realize it.” Feel free to check them out their instagram page (@dosomethingapk) if you decide that you’re interested. After all, it’s never too late to…Do Something!