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Perseus Godwin

Perseus Godwin, Staff Writer

A Brand new staff member, defined by unbridled creativity and fearless self-expression, is junior Perseus “Percy” Godwin. With a fascination for uncovering untold stories and an affinity for unique shared special interests, Percy ignites the spark in writing as a journalist for The Blue and White. From the inner workings of the television industry to the latest video game releases, he is never in lack of a new subject to dissect. Outside of the newsroom, with striking interests in any and everything geeky, Percy is never bored. 

Time spent gaming, from trying a hand at new releases to the classics, gaming finds its place as a never-ceasing endeavor. Most notably, Sally Face, Fran Bow, New Horizons, and Abzû hold their spot at the top of Percy’s favorites. 

Unbound from the screen and a controller, he finds fun in games in the three-dimensional world as well. Specifically, he discovered the fantasy realm of Dungeons & Dragons. Other forms of entertainment, such as television series and graphic novels, pique his interest, as well. Binge-worthy shows like those of Anne with an E, Kipo and the Age of  Wonderbeasts,  She-Ra Princesses of Power, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, are guaranteed to steal his day. 

Similarly, page-turning graphic novels charm his interest for a good narrative and captivating character lineup. Outside of these, he often satisfies his creative side either by writing or drawing.

In the future, Percy hopes to pursue these interests as a scriptwriter or storyboard artist. Through practicing and continuing to develop his artistic skills, he sees this aspiration as nothing short of feasible. Brainstorming fantasies may sound like daydreaming to some, but to Percy, it represents his tough grind and dedication to life goals. The promise of diversity within animation and media as a whole in the generations of tomorrow is what keeps him set on his ambitions. Campaigning for an inclusive and representative cast and crew is a pivotal element in his future within the entertainment field. 

Today Percy keeps these goals in mind as he navigates the eleventh-grade world mid-pandemic, placing great weight on self-care and mental health. Finding hope in his accomplishments, he takes this unusual school year one day at a time.

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Perseus Godwin