Minority Leadership Scholars – Should You Join?

Minority Leadership Scholars - Should You Join?

The Minority Leadership Scholars club is a name you might be familiar with around school, or it’s better known shorthand name, MLS.  It’s known to have a great impact on the community, and is often called empowering. What exactly is MLS, and what does it stand for as a whole? How exactly do they empower students, and their communities? Curious and eager to spread the word on the Minority Leadership Scholars, The Blue and White reached out.

Who better to ask about the club, than the president? Johnny Simmons explains not only the impact the Minority Leadership Scholars has on the community, but also on its participants. “Minority Leadership Scholars focus mainly on serving the community; for instance we did a community feeding during COVID, a toiletry drive, and bikes for Tykes.” Bikes for Tykes is a charity service in which their main drive is to provide bikes to underprivileged families and children. Minority Scholars, on top of contributing to charities and foundations, funds for COVID and the like, also look amazing to potential colleges.

The entire point of the club is to help minority students be more attractive to elite colleges, so they have the chance of receiving high income and higher education. Johnny explains that “When I first came to Apopka, in 2018, I was scared to join a club because the school is big and I didn’t know how I would fit in. But I decided to just try and see how it will work, and things turned out just fine. By joining a club not only have I made an impact at Apopka but also in the community. So my advice is just to join.” Taking the first step to join the club (or any) is an intimidating situation no matter who you are. Johnny continues by stating that “If anyone is looking to join, we follow the Academics, Integrity, Leadership, Service. Our motto is Exceeding Every Expectation with Excellence.” Johnny even adds, “If any scholar is looking to sign up they can simply email me at  [email protected].”


Any questions about the club can be directed to the above email, and the club is sure to continue making a great impact on students and the school alike! Don’t be afraid of joining, or following the club as they blaze through and continue great accomplishments.