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Glorienid Mercado Gotay

Glorienid Mercado Gotay, Staff Writer

Glorienid (Glory) Mercado Gotay is a senior and first-year member of The Blue and White here at Apopka High School. She is an active member within the school, involving herself in the Spanish National Honors Society, The Blue and White, (previously) DNN, and Varsity Cheerleading. With an ambitious attitude and attainable goals, Glory is bound to do great!

Although this is her first year in The Blue and White, Glory has had past experience in another form of Apopka News: the Darter News Network (DNN). She likes being involved in her community, and “working on things behind the scenes is something I’ve always loved doing.” She enjoys writing, including stories, so she thought it would be a great idea to join the school newspaper. She especially believes that journalism is very important within society, since it's “what gives people the information about what’s going on and the recent events.” 

In her free time, Glory likes to paint various scenes and subjects, play the piano, and read. When asked if she has a preference for painting certain topics, she says there isn’t anything specific she prefers painting, but tends to like painting scenes in nature and animals. Some animals include tigers and her sister’s French Bulldog, Milo, about whom she says, “I’m convinced has some loose screws.”

During this current school year, Glory aims for success. She hopes to graduate high school with good grades and finish her high school career off smoothly. Although she’ll be leaving school soon, she does believe her time here has allowed her to grow compared to her elementary and middle school self. She says “I didn’t have my act together and starting high school really helped me shape into the person I am today.”

After high school, Glory plans to go to college and study Sports Medicine, since she’s always been drawn to both sports and helping others. Her previous dreams of becoming a YouTuber didn’t exactly work out, but with influence from the show Grey’s Anatomy and her mom, a medical assistant, she got to realize she really wanted to work towards sports medicine. She’s been working towards these goals in high school by taking both First Aid, and Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries with our school’s athletic trainer, Mr. Mogol, who she says is “an amazing teacher and has made me want to keep pursuing the career I’ve chosen.” With her increasing dedication and motivation, she continues to strive for the best.

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Glorienid Mercado Gotay