Seeking the Bright Side with Ms. Seagrave

Glorienid Mercado Gotay, Staff Writer

Coming back as a face to face teacher, Ms. Seagrave is excited to be working with her students again. It being her second year here at Apopka, she says that she loves her job! Although this year has been a challenge for all of our teachers, Ms. Seagrave is very hard working and loves being able to help her students in any way she can.

Describe to your best ability what it’s like to be part of the staff at Apopka?

Being part of the staff at Apopka is like being in a close-knit family of mentors, innovators, justice warriors, empaths, scholars, and big-hearted hard workers. From teachers to admin to custodial, we all have a common goal: making our students’ futures a little bit brighter every single day.

How long have you been teaching here at AHS?

I have been teaching at AHS for two years and it’s easily my favorite school I’ve ever taught at!

What is the best aspect of your job?

Hands down working with students. You are all so capable, kind, and funny. It’s a complete joy to get to work hard and laugh with you all every day.

Mrs. Houvouras mentioned that you have a degree in Journalism. If you didn’t end up teaching, what other career would you have chosen?

Well, this depends on if money is an object or not. I would most definitely run a dog rescue if I wasn’t teaching but didn’t need to worry about bills. If I must get paid, I would love to be a columnist that focuses on food and travel!

You are one of the few teachers that are fully LaunchEd this year. What is it like from your point of view to be teaching students from home?

I’m actually teaching in person again because so many students are opting for F2F but working from home is a little scary. I worried about the students and never felt like I was doing enough. I also worried about my students: Is their mental health okay? Are they getting enough love and attention? Are they stressed like I am?!

Is there any advice you can give to our seniors on this new upcoming chapter of their life? (graduating, college, etc.)

Grow into the person that you truly want to be, be the absolute essence of yourself, and then hold onto that, steadfastly. There will be people out there who will think you are “too much.” Well, guess what? I assure you those people are not enough. Let them go. You are number one, my love.

When you’re not teaching, are there things you like to do in your free time? (hobbies, talents, etc.)

I love lifting weights, drinking coffee with my backyard chickens, and calling my grandma to complain about politics.

Photo Credit: Ms. Seagrave