The Mandalorian Season 2

The Mandalorian' review: Star wars reborn from the ashes- The New Indian ExpressAs we know, The Mandalorian is a Disney+ Original that dropped back in November of 2019. With its high praise and liking from it’s audience, it has come back for another season. Although many people have mixed feelings about it, the show is still a very good addition to the Star Wars franchise. With this new season, many people are excited to watch the series and talk about it with their friends. 

Here's When 'The Mandalorian' Returns To Disney Plus For Season 2

With the way season one ended, many people were waiting on getting answers. The Mandalorian, or Mando, is still trying to find a home for The Child, who is more frequently known as Baby Yoda and Grogu. For many people, following the stereotype of liking Baby Yoda is extremely easy, considering how cute and funny the character is. For Alex Scott, he says that his favorite character is “easily Grogu, he’s just so cute and eats frogs and is a baby.” Some people like cuteness, others like bravery and cool tricks. For Jesse Galyon, he prefers the Mando because of his nice armor.  Many people are jumping on the bandwagon of liking The Mandalorian, and it’s not hard to see why. Even Alex Scott admits, “The CGI is amazing and they have great storytelling. Each episode is so well put together, it’s so hard to decide what your favorites are.” 

With all of the memes and posts that went around when The Mandalorian first went around social media, many people had mixed feelings towards the show. However, now that there’s a new season, people have started to give the show a chance, seeing the show as people all around the world watch and recommend it. But and after all this time, Baby Yoda is still the cutest thing in the audience’s eyes. “I would definitely recommend if they are a fan of Star Wars, or if they just want to watch a bunch of cute Grogu scenes.”