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Delia Miller, Co-Editor

Have you heard the news? Senior Delia Miller has joined Apopka High School’s newspaper and is now among the newest members of The Blue and White. Since everyone is undoubtedly wanting to get to know a little bit more about the new staff, The Blue and White is going to give the people what they want. While it is already the second quarter of the 2020-2021 school year, a proper introduction is better late than never!

In what is now her fourth and final year at Apopka High School, Delia has decided to take up journalism. She says that the reason for this decision is that she has always enjoyed writing and that she “wanted to get more involved in our school and community.” With that information in mind, it’s no wonder that she decided to join the newspaper, which is pretty much all about writing and being connected with the school and community.

The newspaper isn’t just writing for the sake of writing, or even clever headlines for the sake of clever headlines. The part of the class that allows it to live up to the name of “Journalism” is, of course, the journalism. What does journalism mean to Delia, though? It seems like an important question for a member of the newspaper staff, which is exactly why it got asked. In response, Delia told The Blue and White that journalism “allows for multiple perspectives to be seen” and that it ”has the power to change once-held beliefs that expand their [consumers of journalistic content] scope of thought.” There’s no denying that journalism can have quite the influence on people, so it’s good to hear that Delia is aware of the power that such media can have.

With a plethora of hobbies in her repertoire, writing and journalism certainly aren’t the only things on Delia’s mind. Not only does she find the time to tickle the ivories, but she also enjoys whiling the day away with oil painting and crocheting. Sure, it’s great to have creative outlets, but is it not also great to have a pet ball python by the name of Callisto? Delia definitely subscribes to that belief because she has creative outlets AND a pet snake with the aforementioned name and species.

Moving on from pastimes of “the here and now” to the future, Delia has set some ambitious (yet specific) goals for herself. Once she’s out of high school, it seems that she wants to get a change of scenery. Delia told The Blue and White that she wants to move to the Northeastern United States. With that out of the way, she will have to start considering her academic future in order to pursue her goal of attending medical school. While she says that she hasn’t quite narrowed it down yet, hopefully her choice of college won’t be too far from her dream locale.

When all is said and done, it would be pretty difficult to say that Delia Miller will be a boring addition to The Blue and White. With her on the newspaper staff, Apopka is sure to have even more high-quality articles coming their way.  Now THAT is the Deal-ia!

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Delia Miller