Staci: Steering the Ship of the SCC Through COVID-19


John Latimer, Staff Writer

Staci Nozime is a senior at Apopka High School who is very active in school and is the president of the Senior Class Council (SCC) this year. Being involved in all of these activities around campus does not take away from her individuality. It brings out who she is with her many talents, strong personality, and love for Apopka as a whole. This year, Staci is working very hard with SCC to ensure that these extraordinary  times are cherished by our graduating class of 2021.


How many years have you been at AHS?

I’ve been at Apopka High School for all four years! I’m glad I didn’t have to change schools because I cherish everyone here and how much of a melting pot we are.

Members of the SCC

With you being the president of SCC facing all of these obstacles due to the pandemic, do you feel this year will be overwhelming?

Surprisingly, I feel that our year won’t be as stressful as before. In the past, everyone was ALWAYS doing something and involved in some type of activity. So it really left little to no time for self-care and focus on the other important things of life. Now, I feel like we will be able to take a break still and there is less pressure to always have an in person activity after school. I still think that it’s gonna be overwhelming for seniors no matter what because college applications and things of those sorts are, well… exhausting!


How does SCC plan to keep things running as smoothly as possible ?

We want to provide something that is consistent from years past which is Senior activities every month. We know that a lot of people looked forward to those, but since we need to make sure we are safe, we plan ahead for both virtual and in person plans so that way everyone is happy. The main thing is getting everyone’s opinion on the events we do because they are valued.


What events do you all have planned for the senior class this year ?

We planned to do an Art Night.You relax and enjoy making art (which can be painting or a craft or even origami). We also had a Cooking Night (where we learn how to cook food for the holidays), Game Night (where you do an escape room with friends or participate in a game show- maybe even with teachers) and Movie night (where we watch a movie and play trivia at the end). We plan to give our prizes at the end of each event too! There is more coming, as well, but that’s a surprise for the future.


What is something people wouldn’t know about you if they didn’t talk to you?

They probably wouldn’t know that I’m very active at school. I LOVE math and writing but HATE reading. I’m pretty strong-willed and ambitious. I think things thoroughly before I move forward and I’m very creative. I can draw pretty decently and have a pretty good sense of humor. I love Asian items like my pencil case that’s shaped like a milk cartoon. The biggest thing is that even though I can be outspoken and can talk to many people, I am 100% an introvert so I need to be alone to recharge before I get my energy back.

Update about Senior parking painting.