The Time to be Thankful

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday all about giving thanks and showing gratitude. Even though Thanksgiving has come and gone, the entire holiday season is always a good time to remember how thankful we are for one another. This is why The Blue and White asked students and staff around campus who and what they are thankful for at AHS.

What are you thankful for?

Sophomore Noah Anderson: “I’m thankful for the wonderful teachers at Apopka High School.”

Wyatt and his friend Matthew Campell

Sophomore Wyatt Jaggers:  “I’m thankful to have Matthew Campbell as one of my best friends. Another person and teacher that I’m thankful for is Mr. Hutton.”

Isael and his Girlfriend

Sophomore Isael Labrado: “I’m thankful for all my friends at Apopka.”

Sophomore Max Meyer: “I’m thankful for my Mother, Ms. Meyer.”

Sophomore Jolie Santiago: “I’m thankful for Mr. Rivera.”

Sophomore Natalie Carmona: “I am thankful for all my friends at Apopka.”

Junior Yoleth Soto: “I’m thankful for all my friends and soccer coaches who have always been there for me.”

Senior John Edwards: “I’d say I’m most thankful for Mrs. Hamilton.”

Senior Nathaniel Packard: “I’m thankful for Mrs. Houvouras.”

Senior Sean Javier: “I’m thankful for Mr. Blevins.”

Ms. Meyer:  “I’m thankful for Mr. Macwithey.”

Why are you thankful for them?

Freshman Noah Anderson: “I’m thankful for my teachers because they always apply themselves to the fullest whether through teaching, tutoring, or other after-school activities.”

Wyatt and Mr. Hutton

Sophomore Wyatt Jaggers: “He [Mr. Hutton] is someone who’s always got your back, and I know I can always trust him and go to him if I need help or advice. I took his engineering class in 9th grade and I didn’t want to do engineering at all. I had zero interest in that course, but the environment he creates is very comfortable, and I had a lot of great memories in that class last year and enjoyed going there every day.”

Sophomore Isael Labrado: “My friends give me the motivation to keep on going, even if I have no idea what I’m doing.”

Max and his Mother, Ms. Meyer

Sophomore Max Meyer: “She [Mrs. Meyer] was the one who birthed me and also helps me with my work and problems.”

Sophomore Jolie Santiago: “He [Mr. Rivera] helped me during my freshman year when I needed advice. He listened to my problems and gave me advice. I always looked forward to being in his class to talk.”

Sophomore Natalie Carmona:  “I am thankful for them [my friends] because they are so supportive and always look out for me. They are really great people and I love spending my time with them.”

Yoleth on the left with Friends

Junior Yoleth Soto: “The reason that I am thankful for them [my friends and coaches] is that they have always been there for me when I most needed them. My friends make everything better and much more fun. I’m especially thankful for one of my soccer coaches who has believed in me and has helped me through training.”

Senior John Edwards: “She [Mrs. Hamilton] is incredibly nice and I feel that she actually cares about my well-being and success.”

Senior Nathaniel Packard: “She [Mrs. Houvouras] sparked my interest in old literature and is, in my honest opinion, the best teacher here at Apopka.”

Senior Sean Javier: “I want to send out my heartfelt thanks to Mr. Blevins, my favorite teacher I’ve had throughout my entire life. I’ve had him as a teacher for the past 3 years, and in that short amount of time, he has made such an impact on my life. I could list so many great things about this man, but if you’ve ever had the privilege of speaking with him you’d know how much about his character off rip. I spent countless of my days in his AP Capstone Research class just picking his brain about anything and everything, because coming out of a conversation with this man makes you feel like a smarter, more informed individual. His words are so inspiring, and you can feel the passion in his speech. Not only that, you can tell he is a teacher that genuinely cares about his students. If you ever have the opportunity to take a class with him, that is certainly someone I would recommend. When I think of Mr. Blevins, I don’t think of him as just one of my teachers, I see him as my mentor, someone who has truly contributed to the person I am today.”

Teacher Ms. Meyer: “He [Mr. Macwithey] has taught me a lot about how to be a good teacher. During the 8 years that we’ve worked together we’ve always helped each other and I know he’s always there for me.”

Don’t be afraid to tell others that you’re thankful for them; gratitude is never out of season