Style Icon: Eleisha Belizaire

The Blue & White got the opportunity of interviewing the winner of the best dressed senior superlative, senior Eleisha Belizaire. We discussed topics such as her plans after high school as well as her job as a clinical receptionist for an OB-GYN. 

I plan to pursue a career in health administration. As of right now, my school choice and my major choice is undecided, but I do want to pursue health administration. I just want to work on anything in the hospital that has to do with paperwork because that’s where I thrive. I work methodically. I like paperwork and also interacting with patients, if I can help them regarding insurance, or booking appointments, anything that’s clinical or receptionist related. That’s what I want to pursue.

I wish more people knew that I’m approachable, and I’m more than what I can be perceived as. I wish more people knew that I’m open to friendship and fellowship. [I think most people automatically assume that I’m unapproachable] because of my face, most of the time. I wear my feelings on my sleeve, so what I’m feeling often appears on my face and people are like, “Oh maybe she doesn’t want to talk right now” but I can put my feelings aside and speak to people. I’m not like this mean girl. Me being a senior right now and a bunch of cliche stuff as well as the stereotyping as a black girl with a mean face like that’s not who I am.

I just want to be happy.

I work as a clinical receptionist at an OB-GYN. At the office I welcome patients and visitors. I answer the telephone and any inquiries. I assist the patients and doctor with any necessary forms and documentation. I got my job through prayer and networking. It literally just happened for me. I was working fast food, and I didn’t like it. I was a good worker, but I just didn’t like the environment so I was just praying and manifesting a new environment that would tap into the more medical side because that’s what I want to pursue. I want to pursue medicine and it kind of happened for me. I asked a friend and I got the job. I used to work at five guys. Those people didn’t have any goals. It just seemed like five guys was it for them and for me it was just money for extra things, it wasn’t my life. We had different values or morals and I didn’t like being surrounded by that anymore. Sometimes it was poor management but that’s everywhere. I just couldn’t deal with it anymore. I knew I was supposed to be greater and not that five guys isn’t great, it’s just I wasn’t growing there. So I didn’t want to stay.

My greatest accomplishment by the grace of God is getting into colleges that others deemed impossible or very difficult to get into like UF, FAMU, UCF, and Stetson University. There’s other universities but people were saying “Oh, these colleges are going to be hard to get into because their acceptance rate is really low” but I got into it easily.

I didn’t really try for scholarships because my future gives me anxiety a lot. I tried to get bright futures, but the test scores were never really adequate, but I did get the Pell grant for FAFSA and the gold seal scholarship. I’m just going to keep applying for scholarships.

Outside of school I enjoy volunteering, community service like feeding the needy, buddy ball and spending time in fellowship with my family or my churches youth groups. I always enjoy journaling and spending intimate times with my friends or just Jesus.

I would say my family [motivates me] but mostly my brothers. I’m the youngest of four, and I’m the only girl, so my older brothers always inspire me to be the best version of myself even if it means being outcasted or overcoming adversity. They inspire me to be somebody, as I grew up watching their hard work and accomplishments. Their lives are respectable so I strive to honor that reputation daily and what keeps me motivated would just be Christ. Christ Jesus, that’s it.

I’d be in a family feud because I think me and my family have a good chance. They’re wise and intelligent people and I feel like we’d enjoy being on the show as much as we like watching it.