‘Twas the Starry Night of Prom

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, Apopka students traveled not so far and wide for a night under the stars…


This year’s Prom was definitely a night to remember. The venue did a great job with portraying a “Starry Night” with its  flickering lights and disco balls. This theme influenced the fashion of the night with dazzling sparkles in the clothes and accessories of Apopka students. Here are some fashion inspirations of the students who shined bright on Prom night.

Inspiration: Gala and Celebrity Fashion (Sam Hill) & All White and Diamonds (Eric Franklin)
Inspiration: Mr. Money Man (Antonio May) & Cute with a Splash of Silver (Erika Carroll)
Inspiration: Marilyn Monroe Fashion Icon (Irulan Joseph-Williams)
Inspiration: Post-Birthday Fit (Anjani Worrell)
Inspiration: White like the Stars (Rocco Bargas) & Barbie (Fibi Walker)
Inspiration: Brown with Starry Night Sparkles (Makayla Woods)
Inspiration: Princess (Yasmine Wright)
Inspiration: Beauty (Destiny Cooper)
Inspiration: Starry Night (Keith Walker) & Poison Ivy (Sharren Henry)
Inspiration: Gray or Brown (Deivarsi) & Unique (Anna Bryant)
Inspiration: Vintage, Mother’s Prom Dress from 1985 (Brooke Ripley)
Inspiration: Timeless, Black, Silver, and Diamonds (Faith Dunn)
Inspiration: Deep Blue and Starry Night (Bre’anna Greene)
Prom King and Queen, Mr. Joshua Morgan and Ms. Elisha Belizaire

Many students found themselves at the food table. There was an assortment of meals including chicken skewers, macaroni and cheese balls, and plenty of desserts. The food exceeded many students’ expectations, but I was a bit shocked when I took a bite of what appeared to be cheesecake–it was actually key lime pie. After indulging in some desserts, students were drawn by the variety of drinks such as fruit punch, sweet tea, lemonade, and water. Refreshments were refilled regularly and left no student dehydrated as they continued to dance the night away. 


Refreshments weren’t the only things that were full throughout the night. Students perpetually crowded the dance floor in their remarkable attire. No gowns stopped the girls from breaking it down. Dance circles popped up throughout the night with students hyping each other up left and right. Couples enjoyed each other’s company while friends laughed at moments that were as sweet as honey. This joyful air was accompanied by diverse music. The DJ did an amazing job with keeping the crowd content while accepting song requests.


The combination of a great venue, delicious food, and energetic music made the night unforgettable. Only one thing could capture these wonderful moments better than a photo station… two photo stations! Students could decide on whether they wanted to take photos at the standard or 360 photo booth. The lines consisted of beautiful and handsome students ready to shimmer and shine. 


As the night came to an end, students fled the scene and traveled along the moonlit pavement. An illusion of one Starry Night to another. Couples held each other dearly and friends walked sincerely. 


The End.