SGA in the Fight of the Year


John Latimer, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association (SGA) at Apopka (AHS) is one of the most important organizations on campus, simply because they oversee, plan, coordinate, and are involved in most of the events that happen on our campus year after year. This year SGA has to face one of the biggest challenges ever seen in this generation; COVID-19. This pandemic has affected not only the school aspect here on our campus while also draining the biggest thing that we pride ourselves on, our school spirit. Many changes have been made as a whole to ensure the safety of our students and staff. In doing so, SGA has planned events to keep our school spirit still going with some significant adjustments.The President of SGA Kameron Bridges, Vice President Taelar Bell, and sponsor Mr. Peters will speak on the role of the club this year, events planned, and the uncertainty this pandemic has brought to the club carrying out its regular events during the school year.

Kameron has realized that everything has changed drastically since he has become the head man in charge of the club. When asked as the President of SGA, how are you handling things differently now with COVID, he said, “When SGA has an event, we have to accommodate and make changes due to having 80 members. For instance, we now have to separate our members based on their schooling options where only face to face students’ interact and vice versa for LaunchEd students as well to keep a trace on who all is coming in contact with each other.” Kameron is currently on the LaunchEd model for school at home, which in his opinion, is much easier than getting up and driving to school every day because all you need is a laptop and internet connection.


SGA has a lot of events that it oversees during the school year, which plays a significant factor in keeping things on track and keeping students motivated during the year so that they can attend. Posing the question to Kameron what notable events are being affected because of the pandemic,he said, “The Faculty Halloween luncheon and Homecoming are the two events during the first part of the school year that have been impacted. Also, at this time, we have not gotten the chance to plan or discuss future events because of all the uncertainty.” Kameron says that this year is really a challenge for everyone, not only the Association. With so much uncertainty, it gives him a bad feeling because of how much the school counts on SGA to bring the fun and spirit here at AHS. Following all the restriction guidelines in the new normal, Kam and his team are still making some events happen. He explains, “One event coming up is spirit week along with the crowning of the spirit week king and queen. Normally we would have a homecoming court, but due to OCPS high schools not being able to have a homecoming, we had to name it spirit week court because it is the only thing possible at this point in time.”


Although it is the Student Government Association, all clubs on our school campus have to be overseen by an adult sponsor. Mr. Peters has been the SGA sponsor here at AHS for the last fifteen years now, and he has seen some things over the years, but nothing quite like this. He said, “SGA has never been disrupted in its function more than this year; most of our events leading up to homecoming and homecoming itself fund our events for the year. Without that financial transfusion, we are dead in the water; although we do have money in reserves at the beginning of the year, it is used as a pilot light for a real homecoming season. Until that time, we restrain from dipping into that fund.” A lot of time, money, and effort goes into planning these events that SGA does, and this pandemic has taken a toll on all of it, as you can see. You honestly do not know how really good you have it until it is gone in this life.


On the bright side, SGA is learning to think outside of the box by following all school social distancing rules. Mr. Peters explains, “We are taking one step at a time, with greater obstacles than we have ever faced. For example, three times since I have been the SGA Sponsor because of a hurricane, it was easy compared to what we face now. We all have fears during this whole process.” But Mr. Peters explains, “This could be a longer pandemic that anyone could have originally thought.” It isn’t only the adults that feel this way; Kameron feels the same, saying, “Knowing there is so much uncertainty with this year gives me a bad feeling.” We will get through these challenging times and make the best out of it. Some events to look forward to in the upcoming week will be Spirit week, where there are themes every day during the school week for students to dress up, the Pep Rally, and the crowning of the Spirit week King and Queen—hoping to see you all there!