The Macho Man Mark Bennett III

Coming all the way from the warm city of Vero Beach, Florida, into the AHS Blue & White spotlight is Junior Mark Bennett III. “He’s a very intelligent, and kind person, and a good friend who is very talented,” states a close friend of Mark’s, Junior Messiah Martinez. Mark Bennett is a member of the Apopka High School band and is very passionate about it. We decided that he is the student to highlight this time around.

What instrument does Mark Bennett play? Two actually; the saxophone and the clarinet. He loves music so much that he plans to study it in college. As stated before, Mark is very talented, but he’s also very ambitious and hardworking.

His hobbies besides music also include sports and the study of architecture. He likes to play basketball and football, and will commonly be found playing football with his friends from the band such as Junior Ethan Vanness, and previously mentioned Messiah Martinez.

We asked Mark what he thinks about his friends, and he said, “I like how they make me laugh, and how when we need to be serious they can flip that switch really quick.” Mark is proud of all the friends that he has made at Apopka High School.

For fun, we asked Mark what his favorite movie was and he told us that it’s Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel to Top Gun from 1986.  “It was a very well done movie,” he says.

We all know already that he’s ambitious, and a hardworking student. It’s also important to mention that Mark Bennett has a goofy side to him as well (as seen above), and he loves to mess around (kindheartedly) with friends, and family members.

“Don’t let what people think of you stop you from doing something,” Mark told us when we asked him for a word of advice. He added on, “Your time is valuable.” Mark Bennett is a follower of his word and has certainly used his time correctly and hasn’t let anyone’s opinion restrict him from being who he is.

“Mark Bennett III is a very musical young man, and he does his best in everything,” Ethan Vanness tells us about him. It’s safe to say that Mark Bennett has made himself a role model at Apopka High School, and students at the school should aspire to live a hardworking, while simultaneously carefree life, and to use their time meaningfully.